Another Calgary New Years

Y’know, it never seems to fail — just when I think I’m going to have a relaxing holidays, it ends up being a total whirlwind of activity.

Given, there was an upside to all of this: we got to see a lot more family this year than we would have normally seen. The fact that this was due to the death of a family member isn’t so positive, but it certainly could have been worse.

I got back on Friday morning and had to go right to work. Not quite as necessary as I had thought. C’est la vie. Alex returned on Saturday evening. On Sunday we met up with Teak, Virgil, Fritz, and a friend of theirs for Dim Sum at U & Me restaurant. Not the biggest place, but pretty darn tasty once we were finished waiting an hour for a table. But then, Dim Sum tastes so much better after a long, agonizing wait.

New Years Eve was pretty plain: Alex and I watched Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, caught the countdown, rolled over and went to sleep. We’re not really in a partying mood this year, though until Christmas Day I had thought about it.

So 2007 begins with not much fanfare. But it’s already well into the pressure zone for me at work. Until the end of this month, I’m gonna be a busy little beaver. Which is why Alex and I are also looking for an escape (likely to Hawaii) in early February.

I need a break. A real one.