BMO locked me out AGAIN

[[Bank of Montreal, I hate your security|I already hate BMO’s online security.]] Now I hate it more, if it is in fact possible to hate something more than “totally”.
I just wanted to into my account. Nothing serious. But the password they made me assign apparently has changed, or is something completely different than I can remember. It’s not like I already have 8,349,204 passwords that I need to remember (thank you, Sarbanes-Oxley) and I must’ve made something up on the spot, wrote it down and then immediately burned the paper without looking at what I wrote.
That must’ve been it. No way it could be BMO. Not a chance.

RIP: Netscape

Back when I started with Critical Mass in 2000, the browser wars were still hotly contested but it was already clear that Netscape was losing. Standards were slowly (finally) creeping into the mix, and Netscape was on the wrong side of the fence.
Despite being the IPO that really kicked off the first internet gold rush, Netscape just didn’t have the business clout to keep it going. Netscape’s browser was free (so no revenue), and its web server was not having the same kind of hot sales everyone had hoped for (it was later sold to Sun, where it became iPlanet, and has mostly withered).
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Christmas in Calgary 2007

Another Christmas has come and is now waning. It’s been a long, but good day. Our child isn’t old enough yet to truly understand Christmas (although the morning nap appeared to be aborted due to the desire to be around all the unwrapping of presents), but that doesn’t mean Mom and Dad aren’t keen.
I think we were more interested in our baby’s presents than in our own.
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A little housecleaning

Those of you reading my RSS feeds have probably noticed a wad of older articles and photo pages showing up lately. Not really a lot of new stuff. No, my blog ain’t broken — I’m just tidying up a bit.
Over the last year, I’ve found that I haven’t really set up my categories that well, and since WordPress 2.3.1 supports tags, I’m shifting some things around. So you haven’t seen the last of older articles showing up.
Also, I’m moving away from Photopress, which was powering all my images. I’m moving to Flickr. The entire wad of 4,686 pictures are there now, and I’ll be moving even more there as we move along. (I’ve even created a favourites page for pictures I’ve taken that I particularly like.)
In short, I apologise for the confusion this might cause. Hopefully, it won’t last long.

Google Maps in (a) Flash!

Yesterday, we posted a new part to the ability to find a local Authorised Rolex Dealer. This on its own is hardly breaking any new ground — it’s a fairly routine piece of functionality. To help you find your local dealer, we provided a map — a Google Map.

Google Maps Flash Interface

Those of you who know the two technologies are probably now scratching your heads. Google Maps. Flash. Aren’t they incompatible?
Not any more.
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A full night's sleep

Since our family expanded by one, I’ve yet to have a full night’s sleep. In the first few weeks, it was both of us up at various points to feed and/or change diapers. As the weeks became months (we’re at roughly 3.5 now), it was usually Alex being up during the week, but I never really slept that well (even subconsciously, I can still hear the baby).
But last night, no-one woke up.
I feel like the moon suddenly disappeared, and I’m not sure what to do.
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Calgary Winter Weather

Posted by mobile phone:
I’m sort of working from home today (taking care of my family is more accurate). We had to drive down to the south end of town to Alex’s doctor. If you live in Calgary, you know what that means today.
For those of you who haven’t heard, Calgary had another dump of snow last night. In theory, that shouldn’t really matter — this is Calgary, after all.
Even though it is still autumn seasonally, winter always comes early at this latitude. It arrived a couple of weeks ago. You’d think after that time, people would adjust…
North and south of the city, cars are piled in the ditches. Cars stalled on city streets. Traffic moving at a snail’s pace — and by the time we hit the road, the roads were merely wet.
The forecasters say this will be the coldest winter in 15 years. One can only wonder how accurate the forecast will be, and how much snow we will get.
And how many cars will end up in ditches…

The Dirty Jobs Drinking Game

Everyone thinks their job sucks. It can be for any number of reasons. But there’s one guy out there who looks for the dirty jobs. The ones that no-one really wants to do, but does anyway. The ones where if the job wasn’t done, the world would (in many cases) come to a halt. They’re dangerous, often nauseating, and usually done by people far more interesting than we’d ever believe.
That’s what Discovery Channel‘s Dirty Jobs is all about. If you haven’t watched it, you really should check it out. It’s one of the few decent things on television, and one of only three shows that I’ll go out of my way to watch (the other two being Dirty Jobs’ sibling, Mythbusters, and ABC’s Pushing Daisies).
But there’s something about Dirty Jobs’ host, Mike Rowe, and the way he handles the content of the show, that really adds another layer. Namely, poo.
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My baby's back!

Over the last week-and-a-bit, I’ve been without my family. Alex and the wee one were out in BC visiting with family. Me? On self-imposed exile in the basement to try and wrap up as much of the renovations as possible.
Yes, I need to provide pictures of progress. But you’ll understand why I can’t in a moment…
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