Office Influentials

A few months ago, we scooped David Armano. At the time, I’d never heard of the guy. Since having had the pleasure of working with him on Experience Matters, I’m come to truly admire the level of insight he has on even the most seemingly mundane things. (Not that he is mundane, but he makes the obviously boring suddenly unique and misunderstood.)

Take his most recent post: Office Influentials. You might not think about it, but I’ll lay bets you’ve got these sorts of people in your office right now. You just don’t know it. Look around. Heck, one of these might even be you…

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  1. Hi There Geoff,

    Thanks for the kind words regarding the article. Pretty much made my evening and was a nice distraction from some client work. 🙂

    Look forward to taking our blog to places we don’t even know about yet.


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