I hate Microsoft Word

[Warning: Objectionable language within.]
I can’t really think of much more frustrating than to find out that two days — 16 hours of hard thinking — has suddenly vanished before your eyes. Not because someone stole your work (though I admit that would be very troubling) or because of something you’ve done yourself.
It’s because Microsoft Word decided to “forget” all the changes I’d made — and saved — effectively erasing everything I’ve done.
No history, trace, or anything.
This is not the first time I’ve run into issues with Microsoft Word. I’ve hated this software for a very long time. I used to be a Technical Writer in a previous life. I used to find all sorts of annoying formatting bugs that would continually stump even the Development Engineers.
This is far from annoying. I want to fucking kill someone. I don’t work without saving. And it’s all gone.
Hey Ballmer — here’s a thought: You want to rant against all the open source software out there? You want Microsoft to be the big, shining star of the software world?
Then get your shit together and writing a fucking word processor that doesn’t delete my fucking work.

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  1. That obvious, eh? 😉
    (Actually, it was work that kept me up to start with, which didn’t help.)
    But this is a long-standing bit of hatred. Very long-standing. Open Office, I’m a-comin’!

  2. Rumour has it that Microsoft’s next version of Word has a dramatically altered UI to try and eliminate that very kind of problem.
    But I ain’t holdin’ my breath.

  3. I don’t know you, I have never been here but searched “I fucking hate word 2007” and came here.
    I HATE WORD 2007……I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT. It’s taken me forever to do even the littlest things.
    Oh….I feel better.

  4. I am so fed up with Word 2007! It takes a million years to find simple things, I unloaded it and reinstalled a previous version, in addition it always asks me if I am sure I want to save it in an earlier format (duh, have to have other users be able to read the file). Excel the exact same thing. Pissed off and ready to get my money back if I could.

  5. /Profanity
    Thanks. I bet this saved my monitor

  6. It sucks, its a regression. They are seriously some dumb mother fuckers. Did they fuck up on purpose just to piss everyone off or are they really AS FUCKING STUPID AS THE NEW VERSION!!!!! You type HATE WORD 2007 on google and you get 8.9 million queries FUCK YOU MICROSOFT FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  7. I too hate Microsoft word 2007. I really does my head in. Why did they change it. It makes not any sense. It is like someone changing the keys around on a piano or a computer keyboard, – you have learned how to play/use it and then you have to learn again. In short it makes no business sense. I have been using Office since 1994, it has never been perfect; but it worked easily. I went to college to constantly keep up to date with I.T so I adapt to change quite easily. Microsoft Word is a nightmare – if it’s not broke – why fix it. What used to take seconds in word, now takes an eternity. For instance: I want to use autotext (save names, signatures, addresses etc ) – I used to just click in seconds to store info’, now it is a science!! Microsoft need to sort this out.

  8. One the whole I find Word OK, BUT there’s always been something that bugs me in every version and I can’t believe that I’m the only one that gets so frustrated by it.
    Section breaks and formatting f**king sucks!!!
    It’s the two lines either side of a section break. Somehow the formatting is unavoidably linked, so the last line of a previous section HAS to be formatted the same as the first line of the next section and it is a f**king PITA when I’m trying to get a pixel perfect document.
    So there I am, casually typing away in Body Text. I want to add a section break (any one, column, new page etc). So I add one and set the font style to “Heading 2”. BOooOM!!! The last line of the previous section goes to “Heading 2” too!!!! FFS! I DON’T WANT THE LAST LINE OF THE PREVIOUS SECTION TO BE F**CKING “HEADING 2”!!!!! “Body Text”. Just go f**king “Body Text”, F**k it, now the first line of the next section has gone f**king “Body Text” too – and so on.
    AND, I don’t want an extra page which I can’t f**king delete at the end of my document just because the previous section is two column. FFS! I try to delete the last section break and “Boom” my whole f**king document goes to single column! FFS!
    I f**king hate Word. The only problem is I haven’t got any f**king thing better to use. Open Office is just too “dark side” for me and, well…., f**k getting a Mac!

  9. Just wanted to add my own frustration with Word 2007.
    I really LIKED all previous incarnations of Word–not perfect, but so very very useful. Then came 2007 which forces you to relearn how to do (and where to find) everything.
    And the results are actually worse, not better, because the software undoes formatting that you could easily keep before.
    Hate. Hate. Hate. (And the analogy of piano keys or typewriter keys above is perfect).
    Otherwise, I’m a big PC fan (and even like Vista–no complaints.) But Word 2007–even after significant time with it–still is MADDENING!

  10. MS Word is a bloody disgrace. Anyone who finds it even tolerable doesn’t use if very often – period.
    If anything else I bought worked as poorly and gave me as much shit I would bin it and move to an alternative without thinking twice. But you can’t do that with MS as they have it embedded in bloody everything. It’s the formatting rubbish that does my head in, I spend hours formatting and then reformatting documents. We even brought in a design firm to lock down the formatting so that all our documents were the same font, size, color etc but MS bloody Word has even managed to cock that up.
    If I ever meet Bill Gates I’ll punch his lights out – he’s caused me more stress than every recession I’ve lived through! Can’t they even write some simple bloody code – what a company of pompous wankers. Can’t wait until Apple (who are definitely not my favorite either) or the shareware guys (I know, fat chance of that happening) rip you a new asshole you self righteous, ineffective tossers!
    Rant over – thanks for the outlet!

  11. Funny what you find when typing “I hate Microsoft Work 2007” in Google (which are another possible subject of hatred, but it’s another topic altogether so let’s pass on…).
    I have just been made brutally aware of how one company, whose products I’ve been taught to use for over 15 years, can disrupt my tranquil way of life… I guess that I too will soon turn to OpenOffice.org. Luckily, I haven’t paid too much for it, it being the official soft for where I work and I have bought it at a reduced price (legal here, btw), but still… and the worst bit is how if I don’t take extra special care I won’t be able to send docs to my friends and colleagues who are so 20th century and still use previous versions: they won’t like the .docx extension!
    Another good vent, thank you for all the fish!!!
    Olivier R, Switzerland

  12. Hey Olivier,
    Brace yourself for OpenOffice. As much as some of us have an extreme dislike for some of the “features” in Word, OpenOffice has a share of its own. (My wife’s found a few of ’em, herself.) I hate to say it, but there’s little replacement for a good ol’ text editor, these days.

  13. Its just a plain bad design and full of wrong logic. The formatting (which is some 80% of a word processor) is a nightmare – every so often you find yourself spending valueable time trying to figure out how to circumvent the “logic” and get the result you want (or an acceptable compromise). If I were part of the developer team, I would feel embarrased. It’s simply a bad product. The world is full of them but it is really an “achievement” that giant MS can produce this S**T. They must have some serious organizational problems??
    Saludos desde España

  14. what is up with this new docx thing for saving??? What happened to the good old .doc? Why, why, why would you change it? I have spent a few hours today trying to figure out how to “extract files” and download compatibilty software (compatability my ass) to no avail. I still can’t open a fucking document from work, so instead of doing it in the comfort of my home, I will have to get up early to go to work so I can get this damn thing done now.
    Nobody knows how to open these things unless you speak computer, which I don’t speak. Grr, I fucking hate this!

  15. I’m sorry to be boring and repetitive, but: I also don’t know you, because i typed in “Microsoft 2007 you stupid fuckers” (a version of which i type in every single time i use it) and, like the woman above, i ended up here as well.
    I resent, of course, that it is a bad product; i resent that it makes my life and job more difficult; above all i resent that because of the rage that swells within me each time i encounter one of its profoundly unhelpful and irritating new characteristics, i can only assume that my heart is being damaged, just a little bit, by al the toxic hate-chemicals my body releases. There you go: Microsoft Word 2007 is ACTUALLY KILLING ME.

  16. Hey Mike,
    I gave Microsoft breaks. Lots of ’em. My problem is that you can only give someone a break so many times before they really start to look more like a failure than a success. The way many of us see Microsoft, they’re not succeeding — they’re coasting. Windows 7 is their first major success in a long time, but only after their significant problems with Windows Vista.
    Microsoft needs to take input from their users, pay attention to the problems they have, and actually correct the problems. Microsoft Word, in particular, needs an overhaul. It needs to really have a wholesale reorganisation, and functionality rewritten. It’s clear that after a couple of decades of using Word that there are issues that either cannot be fixed, or a complete lack of interest in fixing them.
    I’ll but Microsoft a break when they’ve proven to me that it’s worth giving them that break.

  17. I’d just like to add my kick in the a$$ to MS for taking a product that worked pretty darn well and redesigning it into a trip down the rabbit hole. God! I just want to read a document without having to have page breaks in it, making it impossible to scroll down without major annoying jumps and lost places. I do not believe for a minute that this piece of crap was ever user tested before it was released. I’ll bet the testing that was done was sectioned out and tested in pieces by different groups. There is just NO continuity or logic. What a piece of crap.

  18. I ran into this blog when I typed in I HATE WORD2007 in the google search and now I need to add my 2.5 bits!
    I have not been involved in tech writing for approx 5 years and now back in the game (another issue, another blog perhpas) but now that I have tried to format a document in WORD-CRAPOLA-2007 I have discovered that MS has not done anything useful with their time in at least the 5 years that I have not used WORD.
    SERIOUSLY – you have got to be kidding – this is the worst I have every seen WORD and how it operates with the numbering system for technical documents is making my world a freaking living hell !!! CRAZY bastards at MS – who the hell is at your head table when you designed this junk? Did someone step out of the office when this was being developed and put Mr Burns from the nuclear plant on Simpsons in to design it?
    Give me a break …. I am not a new user of this product and as a matter of fact I use to be an instructor – back in the days of 1990 something …. BUT STILL…. and ……
    I was an original word processing operator back in 1984 when there were dedicated machines – anyone remember the XEROX 860??? I loved that dinosaur! Hell bring back that concept so I can get my technical documents out….
    Oh well… its Friday and its time for a martini … and try and forget about this nightmare for the weekend ….
    thanks for this blog —- thanks for the space to rant and rave … I feel better now!

  19. I too, fucking “DETEST” the new ribbons in word/excel/outlook etc. as well as everything aboiut Windows 7. HOW FUCKING HARD would it have been for them to include a “make it look like XP” option?
    What was so terrible about menus and buttons? Hundreds of millions of people seem to have figured them out just fine. Instead, we are forced to use this abortion of tabs and colors and icons and all this shit I will never use. The entire thing looks like it was designed by a kindergarten class on LSD.
    Why change for the sake of change? If some people want to use a new everything and spend the next year looking for all the things they could once easily locate, then God bless them but why is this fucking mandatory for the rest of us?
    I had no choice because my company upgraded me but I hate this so badly that I am taking the option of wiping my drive, returning my licenses to the pool and installing Fedora and Open Office instead. At least OpenOffice is less change for me.
    Very curiously, no open source authors have ever managed to make a fully functional (and non-crashing) combined mail/calendar client for Linux that works well with exchange (yes, I know of Evolution), so my solution is to forego calendaring on the desktop and simply use my iPhone for that.
    I would use a MAC but my company, while they do not prohibit them, will not buy me one, so Linux is my only way to go.
    Fuck Microsoft and if by any miracle they ever had any friends, fuck them too!


  21. I, too, absolutely hate Microsoft 2007. I can’t even figure out how to insert bullets. Pitiful. I think I am going to Open Office, which I have at home.

  22. Thank heaven there’s some place to vent about this.
    I hate Word. Every single version I have ever used of Word, all the way back to version 2.0 “for Windows” when “Windows” meant “3.1”, has occasionally pooped out some random crap all over something I was working on.
    And now, because Microsoft cannot figure out how to compete on, you know, having good software, we have not one, not two, but _three_ subtly incompatible file formats to choose from. We can use the “open” patented Microsoft Word docx format. We can use the OpenOffice-delivered open doc format, except that it can only sometimes be read by Microsoft products. Finally, we can use the ancient broken packed-binary .doc format.
    Each of these suffers subtle formatting losses when taken to one of the other systems. And since for some reason “Word processing” involves painting shit on the screen as opposed to, say, _writing decent prose_, those formatting losses are a big deal.
    OpenOffice is just as bad. It’s a _bad idea_ to tie the formatting so tightly to the text, as the HTML world has known since gopher was still an application you could use on the Internet.
    A pox on all their houses. I want to go back to WordStar or something. Here we are, 20 years on, and an ancient DOS-based pile of crap is _still_ better than the latest and greatest Word for Mac that I have to pay over $500 for. Shoot me now.

  23. Here is why I hate Word.
    Spent two hours creating an email to send out to our customers in shitty word, and go to copy and paste it to the email and it changes the whole entire format. Things are now underlined that were not before, things are spaced out wrong. The pictures that I added in are now in different spots, screwing up the whole formatting. So I got to spend an additional hour trying to get it to look right in Outlook… They are both made by the same damn company, WHY DOES THEIR SHIT NOT WORK RIGHT TOGETHER. FUCK MICROSOFT ALL TOGETHER! DONE WITH IT.

  24. I’m weeping. Hours and hours and hours of work. Lost. I save continually because I’m paranoid about data loss. Turns out, the save button hasn’t been doing a damn thing. Just flicking the progress bar across the screen, but not saving anything. Then I get the dreaded error message ‘Disk Full’, even though there is about 500Gb of disk space left. Word then won’t let me save anywhere, not even on a separate disk. I try to copy the data to the clipboard so I can reboot word and paste it back in, but then I get an ‘out of memory error’ and Word crashes out. I reboot. Autosave recovers zero. I reopen my document, and it’s how I left it last night. None of today’s work is there. Both .doc and .docx formats are buggy as hell. One randomly converts some of my equations to images when I save. The other gives false ‘Disk Full’ errors. Word is not suitable for any kind of technical writing. I know literally 1000s of work-arounds to make it present the work in the required way, but never found a way to prevent the data loss problems. I tend to use LaTeX for work only I need to edit, but for some reason this 99% of this retarded world uses MS Word, and therefore I have to use it sometimes too, and when I have to do that, it’s all I can manage to stop myself launching my computer out the Window. I HATE it fiercely. Like nothing else.

  25. I too googled that I hate Word 2007/10. Everything I found so easy to do with the old menu structures is now so fucking hard, if not impossible. Why did they completely fuck up something that works? Can someone punch Gates and Ballmer in the face for this fucking awful fucked up travesty?

  26. Well.. I got here googling “i really hate microsoft word”. I’m a bit more general, not stopping just at 2003, 2007 or 2010 version, because I’m pretty sure I’ll hate the microsoft word 2014, 2016 and so on…
    Well, now that I’m a bit cooled off, back to word formatting…. bleah..

  27. Since the new Office 2011 for Mac…I consider Word completely out of control. I mean…I just openend a header and started trying to edit in and put a logo. If you put your cursor somewhere..it jumps to another spot. I just wasted 30 min just trying to make a header. I am finished with the latest version. I used to make a header any way I wanted in Office 2004 for Mac…now forced to use this BS Forced version with Ribbon shit! I want my TOOLBARS the way I WANT THEM!!!! Fuckin Word! Just a bad downhill spiral in every update. Word is on Crystal Meth and it’s like looking in a Meth Mouth every time I open it.
    Im updating and using iWork. Thank god I found an old copy.

  28. My fucking head is going to explode. All I want to do is put in an APA citation for a paper that was presented at a Conference. Which category actually fits MS Word’s grade school, over-simplified reference section…for Master’s Level??????????????????????? I just want to finish this stupid paper….not spend my life on the internet looking up answers that don’t seem to exist.Any help would be most appreciated.

  29. Sorry but how da fuck do I delete a single page in this piece of fucking shit !!!! I just can’t believe what a fucking useless piece of fucking gay fuck tard motherfucker SHIT ! this microsoft cock is !!!!!!

  30. I bought Windows 7 for a new browser and then found out that I need to buy a bunch of extras because MS doesn’t believe in bundling anymore. OK, I bought a new Word program and find that everything that could be changed has been changed. WHY?
    I find myself wasting time – sometimes hours trying to so something that took minutes with
    my old XP Word. I look up solutions online and help with help much of these changes make no sense. I’m trying to delete an extra blank page I have at the end of a two page document and nothing seems to work. No wonder when you type in Word and curse words this site pops up.

  31. lmfao! I typed in microsoft word fucking sucks and i landed here…what a hoot. Glad to know that everyone here is having problems and this seems to continue over the years. This fucking extra page addition to my document is…oh let me say…about to make me throw this computer and the software in the pond. Instead of that, I simply called Microsoft and gave the person on the other end a piece of my mind…although I dont know who had the heavier accent mine or his. Let’s just say I am sure it did no good but it did kinda make me feel better after fucking cussing that fucker up one side of the room and down the other! so in closing I will just say…Hey Microsoft…fuck off!

  32. I googled “microsoft word is fucking useless” and ended up here, like most of you…
    It really gets to me now and then. the latest “feature” is that it won’t open documents created with “old” versions of word, and the instructions they give you to get it to work (by editing the registry!) don’t work.
    I’m going to migrate to libre office.

  33. At this point it’d be unbelievably much easier to be using a program like fucking notepad, at least that doesn’t RANDOMLY DELETE ALL INFORMATION AND CRASH IN THE SAME SECOND. This is unacceptable, and I really hope they realise that this shit is a fucking problem that needs to be fixed. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past them to just completely ignore this glitch that shouldn’t even exist.

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