Examples of Online Shopping Experience

We’ve been talking a lot about ideas. But ideas don’t always translate well without examples. Thankfully, the internet is replete with experiences great and poor.
The single most often-used benefit of the internet is information. Wikipedia, online newspapers, blogs, and all their associated links and RSS feeds. People tend to be more tolerant with information experiences (hey, you read my entries, don’t you?), but when money gets involved — people listen. And more importantly, they’ll turn away if they don’t like what they experience.
Two specific (and very different) examples to consider: Victoria’s Secret, and the International Standards Organization. Comparing apples to oranges? Only in product. When it comes to online shopping, it doesn’t matter if it’s underwear or a whitepaper — if you don’t get what you need, you’re not likely to happy about it.
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  1. Victoria’s Secret not your style Geoff?? 🙂
    A friend of mine gets stuff from them – bras, T-shirts, running tights – you name it. A few years ago her husband was looking for a pair of tights to wear for a morning run, and after determining that all of his were in the laundry, proceeded to borrow hers (they are the same size – skinny). After his run, he was commenting on how comfortable the tights were and could she get some like that for him. She said that she could, but did he really want any of his hockey buddies finding out that he was wearing “victoria’s secret”?
    I never did find out whether he is wearing Victoria’s Secret tights…. 🙂
    As for online shopping – I really like L.L. Bean – very similar experience to what your wife had. On one occasion, I had placed quite a large order, and there was a short wait (a couple of days) for one of the items. They emailed me, told me about the situation, gave me the opportunity to change the order or the shipping arrangements (I didn’t) and then emailed me the day that the order was shipped with an expected time of arrival. Fully documented list that I could compare to the one they had emailed, peel off labels for return (never had to do that) – they just made it easy.

  2. sir plz tell me how can i make client sde online shoping project
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