This morning, the Blue Business Unit (aka the Mercedes-Benz USA team) decided to prank the Gold Business Unit (aka the Rolex team). Toilet paper — hundreds of rolls — over everything. Silly string. Blue streamers. And randomly-attacked items with Saran Wrap.

Call it petty jealousy, call it bravado, call it a need for decorating our space without input. We still got pwned.

I would offer only one suggested to Blue. Run and hide.


But Dan got it worse. Much worse.


10 thoughts on “Pwned

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  1. If…or rather, when, you guys decide to retaliate back, please consider leaving my desk out of it.

    I swear I wasn’t part of the scheme! In fact…I wasn’t even included in the email that got sent around prior to this.


  2. Yeah, there was quite the offense taken by the EcoCM group (for obvious reasons) at such an environmentally unfriendly prank. (There were even suggestions that the Blue BU do some community service to make up for it, by people outside of the Gold BU, too.)

    As far as I know, most (if not all) of the paper was recycled. Little we could do with the cling wrap, so that was probably just thrown out.


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