Could Google do evil?

My coworker Martin sent around a link to an article that paints Google as being a great big source of evil, tantamount to being the core of a near-police state. To say that it’s a little alarmist is putting it mildly.
I have one fundamental issue with the spin this article (which is more a work of fiction than journalism): Just because people use Google data for malicious intent does not make Google itself evil.
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Remembering my circuits classes the hard way

Okay, first off: Roger and Ed. I didn’t take Engineering, so this wasn’t pounded in my head. So go easy on me, okay?
I spend the weekend working as much as I could in the basement, trying to make some more headway given the three-odd week break I’ve had getting to know my child a bit more.
Up for work: mostly electrical (I’d hoped to have a “framing complete” post today, but the aforementioned child needed some attention from daddy, so I didn’t quite get there). And that means lights.
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Expensive floors are a problem

There’s two ways to install a floor: the cheap way and the expensive way. This isn’t about right and wrong — though important, for once this hasn’t been the sole guiding factor. And when the difference between them is orders of magnitude … well, “right and wrong” and “cheap and expensive” aren’t really that different for comparison.
The biggest question is: what will be the deciding factor?
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Apple doesn't hate Canada … Rogers, Bell, and Telus do

Those of us who’ve paid not only close attention to the rollout of the much-anticipated Apple iPhone but also to the Canadian mobile market don’t find this surprising. But we’re in the minority. A significantly larger portion of the Canadian iPhone-hungry masses are incensed by Apple’s announcement of the iPhone’s release in the UK.
Why do you hate us Apple? Why do you not let us poor Canucks use your wonderful product?
Guess what, my fellow Hosers, it ain’t Apple. You want the culprit? Look at your cell phone for a hint.
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A really bad joke

I would never consider myself a funny person. I have my moments, but most of the time I’m not what you would call funny. I work with funny people, who have comedic timing, which I’m very thankful for. But I’ve never been able to be one of those myself.
Probably because I take a near-morbid interest in bad jokes. Really bad ones. Like this one…
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The iPhone is obsolete

Unless you’ve been living in the middle of Mongolia for the last six months, you know that Apple’s iPhone is one of the hottest products of 2007. It’s heralding a new breed of mobile devices. It’s forcing dramatic changes in the wireless landscape. It’s expensive, but to almost everyone who uses one, it’s worth the cost. It’s generated at least one phone copy cat (and even a router).
It’s all that and a bag of chips.
Only one problem: it’s already obsolete. Gathering dust. Old news. How did it become passé so quickly? Because Steve Jobs said so.
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Experience Matters

We’ve been in the interactive marketing industry now for over 11 years. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, we’ve seen … well, maybe not all of it, but we’ve seen a lot. A lot of it is not great (ranges from okay to gloriously terrible), some of it is good, and a very small part of it is great. You learn a lot from the entire spectrum — the good and the bad — and how it plays to your needs.
The key learning from everything? Experience Matters.
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