Still no floor

I’m pissed. Way beyond pissed. I’m about ready to kidnap the schmuck at the concrete vendor who keeps screwing me over, handcuff him to the sewer pipes in the basement, and tell the concrete vendor if they want him back they can come get him … and put my floor in at the same time.
Sigh, if only violence were an option.   ‘Cuz I sure wanna hit something.
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Car seats for smaller cars, please!

Yesterday, Alex picked up our new car seat. It’s a Britax Marathon, designed to grow with the child as it grows. A smart idea. And because it’s a permanent seat (as opposed to a removable seat), we think there’s a bit more security in that.
Except for one problem: it won’t fit in the Jetta.
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A Tale of Spam

I could classify this as “rants”, but I’m not actually feeling the urge to rant. In fact, I’m more feeling the urge to laugh heartily at spam. Namely its ineffectiveness. Yes, I’m sure that there are people who periodically click on something that looks remotely useful (I admit to having done that very thing many moons ago), but these days I really don’t see how this stuff could be working.
Especially since I never actually see over 99% of the stuff — it’s usually blocked, deleted, filed, bounced, or otherwise hidden. You’d think the spammers would have figured that out by now.
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