My first diaper

We’re at home now. It was a blissfully short stay at the hospital for Alex and baby, and now we’re adjusting to the new family life.
Except for Asia. She’s not really digging this loud pink thing that’s stealing her thunder…
We left the hospital unit around 1530, first stopping by the DI unit to show off our offspring to friends. Then it off into a rainy afternoon and home.
Suddenly, our lack of a heat source in the house became a real problem. Thankfully, we have a wood-burning fireplace. That will keep the edge off for now.
Erin stopped by for a visit to meet the new one. Not long after she arrived, I had my first unassisted diaper change.
Wow. I knew diapers were nasty, but DANG that was … actually, I’ll spare you the details. There are some things that do not need to be on this site. And the contents of diapers, no matter how interesting, are one of them.
One down. A few thousand to go.
Asia’s feeling ignored, I think. I’m trying to treat her the same as before, but she knows things have changed. Hopefully the sibling rivalry stays sane.
Hopefully Alex can get some sleep tonight. She’s running on about 2 or so over the last 36 hours. I ain’t too far behind … but I didn’t birth no baby, and even rockstars need their rest.
Fun days ahead!

9 thoughts on “My first diaper”

  1. After the first few days, the little surprises in the diapers tend to be not quite as… shocking. Not only do you get “use to it”, but it actually clears up. If both you and Alex intend to feed your daughter just breast-milk for the first few months (and I’m assuming it’s supplied by Alex and not Geoff), the contents of said diaper actually remain sane.
    It’s when you move onto the solids that you get the really “ohmygodwhatthehellisthat” payloads.

  2. Combine Scott’s comment about the “ohmygodwhatthehellisthat” payloads, along with riding public transportation while listening to someone’s screaming child for 45 minutes, and I believe I have come up with the most perfect form of birth control ever. No drugs required!
    Just kidding. (Sort of)

  3. We have friends with an almost 2 year old daughter. Their two cats developed a grudging acceptance of their daughter a few weeks after she came home and mostly ignored her until she became mobile. They are all best buds now – daughter shares her cream cheese with the cats, and the cats permit themselves to be herded into the backyard for play time.
    The not quite 2 year old has proven that it is possible to herd cats 🙂

  4. Conflagyrations, Geoff!! You may be surprised to hear that I gots me a wee daughter myself. Enjoy these first few months, despite the pain in the ass it’s gonna be. You’re going to need lots’n’lots of patience now. Just keep remembering – one day she’ll be bigger.
    Glad to hear everything went so well with the birth. She’s a little cutie.

  5. Man, I need to learn something from that 2 year old.

    Marshall, you gots kids?? Dude, you never mentioned anything!!! Mega congrats, man!

  6. While changing diapers isn’t exactly *fun*, the process does get easier … at least for a while. Our little guy is 22 months old, and he resists every diaper change. We end up chasing our nekked son around the house at least once daily.
    So, I’ll extend to you the sage comment that a friend shared with me nearly two years ago: “Be thankful for the months of diapering before your baby tries to escape the change table.”
    Congrats, Geoff. I’m really happy for your little family 🙂

  7. I thoroughly agree with above comments…enjoy this stage while it lasts my friend! We were done with the change table around 6 mths, have been using the floor ever since – thank God she’s taken to potty training at such an early age!

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