We have (new) electricity

And the wonders of renovations continue. As you are aware, we’re getting a new electrical service. The panel moved, the meter moved outside, and the wires into the house are being moved to the roof.

Yesterday (yes, I’m a bit slow on this) the work was finished.

I wasn’t there to witness, but as I understand, Enmax arrived to do their work. The electrician (Shane, Mark’s partner) handled the rest of the work inside.

The new line was run from the pole in the alley to the mast on the roof, and the old line cut and taken away. The old meter was removed from the basement (though the bulk of the gizmo was left behind — the actual metering part was taken), along with the old panel. The bypass was removed, and the new panel took over as the direct recipient of outside power.

That means that I got to finally remove the old panel’s support from the wall, so I can finish the outside framing. (Well, as much of the outside framing as I can. The gas meter is still in the way.)

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