The concrete is in!


This was a process far more painful than it really needed to be. But if nothing else, it really just illustrates the difficulty in getting things done in Calgary as of late.

There were a few too many challenges to cross, and some of it comes down to keeping an eye on your contractors. You need to ask questions about everything. Make sure that the points you’ve discussed are covered properly. Understand why actions are being taken so that you can ensure your butt is covered. Unless you’re a general contractor yourself, you need to know these things.

Example: When they ramset heating pipes, it’s not so it doesn’t slide around. It’s so it won’t float up when the concrete is poured. Had I known that before today, I would have had Canyon come back and fix a few things. I’ll remember this for when we do the upstairs.

2 thoughts on “The concrete is in!

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  1. Thank GOD!

    You obviously don’t watch Holmes on Homes – he always talks about making your presence known when contractors are around. Anywho…glad to know it’s finally working out for you…now try and relax!


  2. Oh, I watch Holmes on Homes. But it’s unrealistic to think you can be around all the time. Alex will be home more often now… might be the time to really loop her into everything in my head so I don’t have to worry about things not being done.

    At this point, the major item that we need to cover now is duct work. And I gotta find a contractor for that, first. Ugh.


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