10 Years Ago

Do you remember where you were 10 years ago? Today is the tragic anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. As I write this, services have already been conducted in England. I was reminded of where I was 10 years ago, and the things that followed since.
I gotta say — it’s been a very interesting decade. I definitely could not have predicted the things I’ve seen and done, or where I’d have ended up.
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How much has my world changed?

Once you have a kid, your life is supposed to end. You’re supposed to become one of the living dead due to sleep deprivation. You don’t see friends anymore. You can’t go anywhere. You now hold a fragile china cup that might break at the slightest movement. You have to be silent as you tip-toe around your home.
Thankfully, it ain’t that bad!
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Water has broken!

Stay tuned, folks! The world’s about to change. 🙂
Update: we’re at the hospital, but we might be sent home until things pick up a bit.
But no matter what, baby’s coming in 18 hours, so says the doctor.
Update (14:30 ish): we’re not going home after all! Alex is doing well (not feeling great, mind you). We might be parents by the end of the day!!!

iPhones take a long time to charge

Something else I’ve noticed about the iPhone — it takes a long time to charge. Or at least, the one I have in my possessive trust certainly does.
For the record, I’m comparing this to my cell phone, an LG 6070. Perhaps not a fair comparison, but I’m coming from the experience angle.
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