More delays in the basement

About two and a half weeks ago, [[The piping is in|the heating pipes went in]]. The theory that we’ve been holding to all along is that the pipes would go in mere days before concrete would permanently seal them in place. This was done to ensure a minimum of opportunity for pipes to be crushed or otherwise damaged.
The problem is that all of this hinged on the concrete supplier delivering on time. Which they’re not. Not by a long shot.
The basement doesn’t look any different than the last time you saw a picture of it. In fact, as of about 20 minutes ago, it looks exactly the same. That’s because we just put the hot water heater back in place — something I’m none too happy about.
I’m not happy because the concrete was supposed to have gone in yesterday. But it didn’t. It seems that the concrete supplier (whose name I’ve not been given — this is all arranged through Canyon) decided to recant on their promise to overpour the holes Canyon put in the floor to lay sewer lines. Now they won’t do it. No reason or excuse given. This after waiting two weeks for the supplier to get their asses in gear, to bail at the last moment due to “equipment failure”.
So now I’ve got a giant pile of aggregate (sand, I think) sitting on the road in front of the house. Aggregate that will be ruined if it sits out there too long, either by the elements, by animals (unruly neighbourhood kids included), or stolen (hey, it happens). God only knows when the contractor will be back to finish the job!
Canyon, thankfully, sent around a plumber this morning to get that settled. Took a bit more work than expected (the gas union was more trouble than it should have been), but we’re back on hot water again.
Fortunately, the electrical work has been progressing as well. We now have a panel, a junction box, and a temporary patch from the old box to the new box, at least until Enmax comes around to move everything. I really need to follow up with Mark and find out when that’s going to happen.
Basically, I’m 2.5 weeks behind schedule. That means walls aren’t done, wiring’s not done, plumbing’s not done, and the baby’s room is still full of stuff. Until the concrete’s in, we can’t even get that room ready. This is beyond a rush to the finish line. We’re probably not even going to cross it in a ball of flaming glory. We’re in the pits, and our crew’s on a lunch break.

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  1. I’m sure a lot of people can vouch for construction deadlines always being later than promised…don’t despair my friend, it will all come together! And if your aggregate goes walking – it sure as hell shouldn’t be your concern – it should be replaced at no additional cost to you!

  2. Oh yeah, I know full well that we’re not exceptions to the rule. It’s just frustrating when you’re trying to get things done so that there’s some semblance of organisation around here with impending baby…

  3. As you well know we’ve never had any semblance of organization, which makes it much easier to cope with now that we have a toddler – so you may with to double think your objective! LOL
    I know Mom will read this and just shake her head…clutter is your friend – embrace it!

  4. That’s why I’m trying to DE-clutter before the kid shows up. Because if we don’t, the problem is only going to compound itself and make living in the house nearly impossible.

  5. well you’re no fun!!! What happened to your need of a challenge? Your sense of adventure?

  6. What, you don’t think that trying to get the basement done in the next 2-3 weeks (organise contractors, finish framing, run electrical and plumbing, put up vapour barrier, install drywall including taping and sanding), move all the junk downstairs, get the baby’s room ready, and clean the house isn’t enough of a challenge?

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