Hunting dragonflies

It’s hot in Calgary. Hit 33.5 degrees on the Mini’s thermometer. That’s pretty darn warm for Cowtown.
And for some reason, it brings out the dragonflies.
I found them buzzing around one of the bushes next to the front door. Asia found them, too, and was pacing below, looking for a chance to pounce on one.
This is a cat that tries to pounce on anything bigger than an ant, but with the coordination of spasmodic pile of furry Jell-o.

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  1. Nice description of my kitten… and a GORGEOUS picture of her! The baby will be so lucky to have a photographer in the house.

  2. For the record, Alex (aka the “Your Wife” above) has taken many pictures of Asia (Alex’s cat when she’s nice and behaving, and my cat when she decides to poop outside of her litter box), most of which are better than mine.

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