Heating pipes are approved

Well, good news. The heating pipes are now ready. At least the inspectors says so. The heat is a long way from being done, but a least a bit of it is good to go.
The inspector left the papers behind, including a note about how final approval will require heating restored to the upstairs. That’s also part of the renovations — we need an air exchanger.
Mind you, there are issues with the piping I still need to have addressed, notably:

  • A roughed line for a future expansion in the basement
  • A patch that seems to be devoid of piping for some reason

I’m told those will be dealt with before the concrete arrives. Let’s hope so…

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  1. If you need alternate heat/air exchange you can look at a fancoil. You can look at Energy Savings Products at hi-velocity.com. If your just looking for an HRV your could look at Lifebreath.com or greentech.ca. I looked at the other equipment your installing and it’s quite a good system.

  2. Once again, Justin, thanks for the information!

    We were recommended a fancoil for the upstairs until we retrofit it for in-floor heating. That could be a few years down the road, so it’s not like it’s going to be a waste.

    I’m just trying to figure out how an HRV fits into the picture. I’m sure it does, anyway (found a great article from the Canadian Government on fancoils that mention HRV use).

    I can only get Lifebreath.com to come up. “hi-velocity.com” doesn’t produce anything, and “greentech.ca” resolves to John Deere sales firm. (I don’t really have a yard that needs heavy duty farm equipment…)

    Do you have input on Venmar systems? We’ve come across those before when looking for air exchangers.

  3. oops.. should check out the links rather then typing them from memory.
    http://www.hi-velocity.com I’ve been selling these for years. There great units. The sytem/unit is also a pressurized system so it’s alot more comfortable heat/air-exchange. The 3″ vents are also alot more cleaner then traditional vents.
    http://www.greentek.ca/english/index.cfm is the other hrv
    Venmar has been around for along time not sure how reliable they are, but know some people that have installed/sold them. I can check on Monday to see what they say as I’m not overally familiar with there HRV’S

  4. On another note. Are you putting infloor for your upstairs? Did the inspector specifically say you supplimentry heat upstairs? The reason I ask is that an HRV does not supply heat but rather just air exchange. Also do you plan on using your existing ducting, or plan on re-piping all your duct work?

  5. Eventually we’ll be doing in-floor upstairs, but we can’t right now. (Long story.) The inspector did specifically note that there had to be heat upstairs. I know the HRV won’t heat it directly, which is why we’d probably need/want fancoil + HRV.
    I’ve had to pull most of the existing ducting, since it was a complete mess, but we’ll reuse the vents and run new ducts until we can pipe the upstairs.

  6. I would suggest a lo-velocity fancoil then. You can use the tradional type of ducting rather then re-doing all your ducting to a different size. This is propably the most affordable way to go to.
    Note that if you use a HRV on top of the fancoil you’ll have to duct diffent pipe as most hrv’s use smaller piping.

  7. Looking into contractors in Calgary now to find someone who can do all that. I’m told “8 weeks” by Eldo Enterprises for turnaround. I think I’ve just found my longest time to completion.
    As an additional note, we had the heating pipes finished yesterday, with the missing loop area closed in, and the rough lines laid. I need to figure out how to get them into the wall so they’re not concreted in bursting from the floor. I can do that tonight, though.

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