Raining in Ruskin

We flew out from Calgary this morning to Abbotsford, to attend Alex’s family reunion (hosted by Allen at the family “farm”). I haven’t been here since sometime last year, and I’m struggling to remember exactly when that was. Thanksgiving comes to mind…

There’s a certain amount of stereotypical weather. We’re on the West Coast. And it’s raining.

Not that I’m complaining. After all the heat we’ve had in Calgary, I don’t mind a bit of coolness and rain. It’s comforting, really. Different and appreciated. For short spells, anyway.

The weather out here has been dry for the last couple of years. One of the three trees we planted at our wedding has since died due to drought — Alex’s mountain ash. My oak is still growing, and our cedar seems to be thriving still, though it doesn’t seem to have grown much.

Aside from a call I had to make to attend a meeting, it’s been a quiet day. Which is a good thing. The rain’s kept me inside, so I’ve been reading my Lee Valley catalog (a birthday present) and my Shutterbug photography magazine (also a present).

And unless I’m mistaken, I think it’s actually stopped raining. And I can hear trains. I think I’m going to go for a walk… 😉

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