I have an iPhone … sort of

Friday was a slow day at Critical Mass, being the “day after” the Town Hall. These sorts of Fridays are often plagued with low productivity, lots of bleary eyes and headaches, lots of greasy food, and more than a few “Oh god, I did that?” realisations.
But every now and then, there’s a little surprise. Like when Clay called and told me to come and take possession of the iPhone. Yes, that iPhone.
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More delays in the basement

About two and a half weeks ago, [[The piping is in|the heating pipes went in]]. The theory that we’ve been holding to all along is that the pipes would go in mere days before concrete would permanently seal them in place. This was done to ensure a minimum of opportunity for pipes to be crushed or otherwise damaged.
The problem is that all of this hinged on the concrete supplier delivering on time. Which they’re not. Not by a long shot.
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Critical Mass Summer Event 2007, Day 2

It’s Town Hall week ([[Critical Mass Summer Event 2007, Day 1|but you already know that]]), and that means another installment of BeerCamp. We don’t do these nearly as frequently as we should, but they’re always a welcome addition to our regular cycle of meetings and reading emails.
And as an added bonus, there’s beer. (Well, except for those of us unable to currently drink it, anyway.)
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Critical Mass Summer Event 2007, Day 1

It’s that time of the year again — the annual Critical Mass Summer Event. Unlike last year’s events, this year we’ve had to take a slightly different approach.
Frankly, we’ve officially become too big to ship everyone out to Calgary for one big family reunion. So the three major offices (Toronto, Chicago, and Calgary) have their own events. Toronto was first two weeks ago, Chicago was last week, and now it’s our turn.
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Raining in Ruskin

We flew out from Calgary this morning to Abbotsford, to attend Alex’s family reunion (hosted by Allen at the family “farm”). I haven’t been here since sometime last year, and I’m struggling to remember exactly when that was. Thanksgiving comes to mind…
There’s a certain amount of stereotypical weather. We’re on the West Coast. And it’s raining.
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Problems at Calgary Farmers Market?

We’ve been going to the Calgary Farmers Market for a very long time now. Not quite since it opened, but I think not long afterwards. When we lived in Garrison Woods, it was a weekend ritual (it was a five-minute walk from our house) for breakfast. It was nice, unique, and homey.
But I fear it’s turning political and greedy, and the ultimate sufferers are regulars to the Market.
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Some new electrical

Part of the renovations include some changes to the electrical system. As you’ve probably already read, I’ve torn out large chunks of the wiring in the basement. I had to — it was quite the mess.
The electrical panel also needs moving. It’s in the middle of what will become the shower. Realistically-speaking, not a good place for high-voltage.
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Heating pipes are approved

Well, good news. The heating pipes are now ready. At least the inspectors says so. The heat is a long way from being done, but a least a bit of it is good to go.
The inspector left the papers behind, including a note about how final approval will require heating restored to the upstairs. That’s also part of the renovations — we need an air exchanger.
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Movie and Music Piracy in Canada all wrong?

If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time, you’ve probably come across a rant or two of mine about all the garbage surrounding things like [[Disbelieving DRM and copy protection|DRM]] and the [[What is that irritating whine?|MPAA saying stupid things]].
Recently, Canada passed additional legislation to strengthen existing laws to curtail the supposed rampant piracy north of the border. This was after countless articles that claimed Canada was virtually the centre of all piracy.
All I asked was: Where’s the beef?
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Great Canadian Video Game Contest

In a previous life, I worked for Radical Entertainment, maker of video games. Very fun company, very fun job. Well, when I wasn’t writing technical documents, which is about the most boring job I think I’ve ever done.
Even though it’s been almost 7.5 years, I do still miss working there. But I know that today, Radical’s a very different place.
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A Middle Ontario wedding

My friend Kathryn got married this weekend. A truly wonderful event that forced my hand to leave the comfort of my familiar Cowtown (and miss the opening of the Calgary Stampede) to visit rural Ontario and experience the joyous event.
I gotta say, probably the most relaxful weekend I’ve had in … well, a really long time.
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What is inside a 50 year-old furnace?

Ever asked yourself what’s inside a 50 year-old furnace? Yeah, me neither. And yet, the answer to this very question was provided to me as I continued with the renovations in the basement.
Namely, taking the 50 year-old furnace apart so I could get the bugger out. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to. Thank God for that!
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Canada Day 2007

It’s not every day you get to celebrate someone’s 140th birthday, and they’re pretty happy about the whole affair.   I got to spend it what I’ve done for several years now, helping out with the Rocky Mountain Rail Society at the Alstom Yards (former CP Ogden) holding a little show-and-ride.
We also attempted to see fireworks. With emphasis on “attempted”. You’ll see why in a moment.
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