I have an iPhone … sort of

Friday was a slow day at Critical Mass, being the “day after” the Town Hall. These sorts of Fridays are often plagued with low productivity, lots of bleary eyes and headaches, lots of greasy food, and more than a few “Oh god, I did that?” realisations.
But every now and then, there’s a little surprise. Like when Clay called and told me to come and take possession of the iPhone. Yes, that iPhone.
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More delays in the basement

About two and a half weeks ago, [[The piping is in|the heating pipes went in]]. The theory that we’ve been holding to all along is that the pipes would go in mere days before concrete would permanently seal them in place. This was done to ensure a minimum of opportunity for pipes to be crushed or otherwise damaged.
The problem is that all of this hinged on the concrete supplier delivering on time. Which they’re not. Not by a long shot.
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Critical Mass Summer Event 2007, Day 2

It’s Town Hall week ([[Critical Mass Summer Event 2007, Day 1|but you already know that]]), and that means another installment of BeerCamp. We don’t do these nearly as frequently as we should, but they’re always a welcome addition to our regular cycle of meetings and reading emails.
And as an added bonus, there’s beer. (Well, except for those of us unable to currently drink it, anyway.)
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Critical Mass Summer Event 2007, Day 1

It’s that time of the year again — the annual Critical Mass Summer Event. Unlike last year’s events, this year we’ve had to take a slightly different approach.
Frankly, we’ve officially become too big to ship everyone out to Calgary for one big family reunion. So the three major offices (Toronto, Chicago, and Calgary) have their own events. Toronto was first two weeks ago, Chicago was last week, and now it’s our turn.
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