Yoshirolla Kilomantra mayhem

Okay, I know, I’m probably doing something I said I wouldn’t be doing. But I have to admit, this is already pretty cool.
When I [[Yoshirolla Kilomantra|put out my first post]] a couple of days ago, I shot to the top of a list of one for “Yoshirolla Kilomantra“. Google indexed my site right away, and I appeared on the other SERPs pretty quickly. Cool, but in the grand scheme of things, really dull — what fun is a competition of one?
So now we’ve got others in the mix putting their own sites up. I still say I won’t do a linking campaign (putting links to my entry from other sites) as I’m also a judge. But I’m still loving the fact that we’re seeing all sorts of people put their stuff in.
Added bonus: Because this is a small contest (Critical Mass staffers only, please), we have the luxury of learning what Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask are doing when they index the sites. We’re seeing some pretty mixed (and messed-up) results so far, and we’ve still got over 2.5 months until the end.
This is gonna be neat.

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  1. I’m having a lot of fun with this, and learning by the day.
    What is really interesting is that Ask.com has no entries yet. Reading more on that, they rely very heavily on who/what is linking to a site when the index it.
    To basically the ask.com winners will be the most successful link builders/baiters.

  2. Don’t read too deeply. We don’t know a lot about how Ask’s spiders actually work. They’ve never been the zippier of the search engines (Google’s usually the fastest, with Yahoo coming in second). It could be a couple of weeks before we see good entry lists there.

  3. Everything on all engines will be up and down for a little while, if not the entire duration of the content.
    It is entertaining watching this from the outside. I am actually learning a little from watching peoples attempts at how they SEO sites.
    One thing that I have begun to realize and I found this on my own experiments is that when you make up a word the engines have a tough time knowing what to do with all the other copy on the site. So there is no relation or benefit to the other words.
    The last thing I have observed is quite funny to me, I will not mention it now in case people read this, I don’t want to interfere, but Geoff, you were a culprit of this.
    Have fun and play safe!

  4. Now, why is it that some random bio-like page is now number one? Who claims ownership of that one? The curious want to know.

  5. Ah, but it’s not just some random bio page right now (18 June 2007 @ 0745 MDT) — it’s my page. 😉
    The reality is that as we all add our links and content like crazy, the indexes are going to fluctuate frequently. During that time, it’s possible some pages will rank higher than others, even if they seem like they shouldn’t. Just ’tis the way things go.
    If you want real fun, check out the other SERPs — MSN, Ask, A9, etc.

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