The new K2 ain't much better…

To add to my existing woes, I thought I might be “smart” and update to the new K2 to try and fix some of the issues that the new WordPress brought down upon me.
At least the annoying bug with the WordPress widgets was fixed. But now:

  • My sidebars are horribly screwed up I’ve had to remove the archives list because I can’t get the SmartArchives plugin to work with K2’s widgets
  • The Archives list is by month+year combination, instead of the block design I had previously
  • My list of pages appears on EVERY page, and not broken down per section (it used to be that only the Photos pages would appear in Photos) I’ve had to find another plugin called Subpage Listing that puts a simple comment in the page posts to provide a list of the subpages per page. It ain’t perfect, but it’s a start…

This just serves me right for not checking first to see what the update would do before I did it.

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