Basement floorplan, version 3

Here’s what’s different:

  • Office and mechanical rooms swapped (this was done because the boiler can’t vent up a chimney — too low-temperature, so the condensation from the exhaust would completely rust the thing out; on the bright side, we get to use the void upstairs because of the change)
  • The previously compact tub is now a walk-in shower (custom-built, of course) and a bit of rearrangement in the bathroom, with doors relocated
  • Windows added to the right-side wall (though because I can’t find an installer, they’ll have to wait until a subsequent renovation phase; there’ll eventually be a third window where the stairs currently are)

This is what we’re now going on, and the plates to handle the outer and load-bearing walls are now in place.

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  1. Geoff – it all looks great! You have obviously put a lot of thought into the plan and I think you have the best there is. You still have space left to work with whether its storage or a playroom.
    I have to say you are doing a wonderful job and I am very proud of you! Linda

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