WordPress 2.2.1 broke my site!


This doesn’t happen often, and until now hasn’t happened at all. But the most recent upgrade of WordPress has officially broken my site. My biggest problem is that I’m using the K2 package, which doesn’t work properly with WP 2.2.1, which introduces “real” widgets.

K2 supposedly has a better engine, but I’m noticing that all is not right with the world, and it’s causing trouble. Well, the “it” is debatable, since I don’t know what exactly is wrong at this point. I do know this:

  • Visual editor is not present (no icons at all)
  • I’m getting lots of header errors for posting
  • Preview is missing at the bottom of my Write Post page
  • I’ve had to install a plugin to disable widgets (which might be the actual problem)

I think I’ve got some more work to do…

2 thoughts on “WordPress 2.2.1 broke my site!

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  1. Gah!! It is the fix. Apparently, the widgets help drive a lot of the newer functionality in WP, now. Which means I need to update/change/remove K2.

    I should have read into this update a little more closely… 😦


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