Man wants a kick in the groin

Not me, for the record, some other guy.
Came across this (again) in Yahoo’s Oddly Enough. Some wacko is going around asking women to kick him in the nads.   It just makes me queasy thinking about it.
What is wrong with this dude, eh? I mean, who would actually want to get hoofed in the jewels? That’s not a trivial thing — that hurts. A lot. That’s pain to make you barf.
This is the sort of thing that shows up in movies for comic relief. You’ll note, for the record, that when it happens, women laugh and guys groan. It’s the most dreaded of physical abuses for men. You can pluck out nose hairs, rip out hair, punch us in the kidneys, stab us in the thigh … just no feet where the sun-don’t-shine, please.
I hope this guy gets some help. He really needs it…

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  1. This is just a glimmer of a whole other subculture out there. There’s a bar in Japan where aside from drinks, the hostesses serve up high heeled kicks to the nuts. In another location whose name I forget, you can pay someone to pull your nutsack up through a hole in a wooden board, stretch out the skin, and drive nails through it. I think a lot of people need help… but in the meantime, I can be content in not being able to imagine precisely their pain.

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