Fare thee well, Rich

A few months ago, friend and colleague Rich contracted large cell lymphoma, a rather nasty form of cancer (see [[Go Rich, Go!]]). There was a massive upwelling of support from the company and its staff (especially those of us who knew Rich well) — we wanted to see him better, to return to Critical Mass.
Yesterday, after a hard battle, Rich passed away.
I’ve known Rich since I started here at Critical Mass. He was a project manager for many years on the Mercedes-Benz account. A dry wit, flexible, intelligent, resourceful, and very well organized. There’s a reason Rich became a Program Director, and then a Managing Director.
It’s hard to believe that I’ll never see him again. Never give him a box of Kraft Dinner so I can borrow a developer for a couple of days. Never again take a photo of him doing something silly.
Fare thee well, Rich. May our paths cross in another time.

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  1. I’m presuming that the above comment is in response to the sad news (I heard the very same from a few people).

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