Getting closer to fatherhood

Until about three weeks ago, the only way I knew Alex was pregnant was a slowly growing belly and her insistence that the baby was, in fact, using her internal organs as its sparring partners.

The problem with human flesh is that’s not transparent, and with a lack of x-ray vision, it’s hard to feel a part of what’s going on.

Then I felt something.

At first, it was a “burp”, not unlike feeling a large pocket of gas moving around in your intestines. But this was not gas — this was something inside moving around. And it happened again, and again.

Since then, I’ve tried to say “hello” to the wee one as often as possible. I won’t have the same connection Alex has now (or will have in the coming year), but at can at least start to feel more a part of this pregnancy. Biologically, I’m separated. I don’t sense anything more than what my hand can feel or my eyes can see.

And they feel and see a lot.

Well, when the squirt’s not sleeping, anyway. When it’s active, it’s hard not to notice. I can even see the movements on Alex’s abdomen, as it kicks out or slides around. Hard to believe there are still four months left, and this kid’s only gonna get bigger.

It’s getting more real every day.

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