Askimet: The best WordPress plugin ever!

How much do I have to give praise to Askimet? This little plugin has allowed me to go back to using WordPress without the fear of my database being choked up with a million spam comments.
Back when I was using WordPress about two years ago, Akimet didn’t exist, and even though I locked down the comments, even removed the comment code from the system, those spamming bastards kept hitting away, filling up my precious disk space with garbage.
So I went back to a manually-edited system. You can see the gaps in my archives as a result.
Imagine my intense delight when, in the process of setting up WordPress 2, that I found Askimet. I was a little skeptical — free spam blocker that actually works? Been there, done that, suffered the consquences.
Still, even a little blockage would be nice.
Damn. I’ve only been back up on WordPress since the beginning of the year. So far, it’s already blocked 1,523 spam comments — over 500 of those in the last two days, I should add.
Most of them have been for “generic viagra” or some other drug that I don’t know the name of nor care to learn. Every one has been caught and dealt with. I suspect I might have had one or two legit ones hit, but no bad ones have snuck through. Nor has it caught any legit ones (that I’ve seen, anyway) that I had to mark as “not spam”.
Thank you, Askimet! You guys rock!

2 thoughts on “Askimet: The best WordPress plugin ever!”

  1. Just wonder how it will react to my thick, long, luscious comment, especially if I mention things like Cialis or Viagra also known as V1agr a.
    I am glad to see that your blog isn’t being penetrated by those long lasting, erotic spammers. The most pleasure I get is when they try really hard by misspelling their most sensual products like R0lex, or use words like faux r0l3x watches for her pleasure and her pleasure only. They must think by adding french it tickles the users curiosity to follow their deepest desires and purchase a rip off watch. Anyway, I better get back to some of the best porno on the Internet, oops, did I say that out loud. I’m not very discreet. 🙂

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