Aloha from Hawaii

Yeah, I know — why am I on a computer if I’m on vacation?
Relax, I have good reason. Our house is now effectively sold, and for whatever reason we’ve been unable to fax properly from Hawaii back to Calgary. Very odd, indeed. However, when you need to communicate with your realtor and faxes don’t work, you resort to whatever “official” form of communication they suggest. In this case, email.
Hence the computer. But given the trouble we’ve had, I’m sticking out for a few minutes to make sure it went through.
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How not to start a vacation

Oy. This vacation is not off to a good start.
One of the conditions of this vacation was that we were to incur no red-eye flights (in other words, no sleeping on the plane). That meant getting there and back was going to cause some difficulty in how we went from Calgary (a second-tier airport) to Kona (a second-to-third tier airport). Direct flight? Hah!
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Ugh. Moving again.

As you’ve already heard, we’ve bought another house (see [[Buying another house]]). It’s actually smaller than our current house, but should allow for a little more flexibility, and easier for us to content with the arrival of our firstborn in a few months (see [[Be Afraid. Very Afraid.]]).
Yesterday was the close on our “new” house. (We had a conditional sale on our current house on Thursday.) We didn’t actually get into it until today. The previous owner asked for a little leeway as it was taking longer to move than he’d planned. We were in no rush, so what the hey…
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Askimet: The best WordPress plugin ever!

How much do I have to give praise to Askimet? This little plugin has allowed me to go back to using WordPress without the fear of my database being choked up with a million spam comments.
Back when I was using WordPress about two years ago, Akimet didn’t exist, and even though I locked down the comments, even removed the comment code from the system, those spamming bastards kept hitting away, filling up my precious disk space with garbage.
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Au revoir, Aaron

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
I hate it when good people leave.
Aaron Glenn started with Critical Mass a couple of years ago. (Admittedly, I can’t remember exactly when he started — that’s how long he’s been here. Or how much beer I’ve drank. Could be both, really.) Yesterday, he vacated for smaller pastures.
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Take Steve Ballmer … Please!

So trolling through my daily RSS feeds, I came across not one, but two news articles that further make me wonder how the hell Steve Ballmer got to be the head of Microsoft, and why no-one has bothered to take this guy out.
He’s not just a loose cannon or a disaster-waiting-to-happen — he’s an outright liability for Microsoft. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Microsoft. I spend far too much time wrestling with the things they’ve screwed up (daylight savings time shift, anyone?) or their bug-ridden software (pick any of them) to have anything but disdain for their product management practices.
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