Case Study: Optimizing Content Management at the National Aquarium of Baltimore at Summit 2007

All content managed through RedDot, no external components. 10% of entire revenue stream done through RedDot (including onlike ticket sales). Went through a similar development process to what we did. But had to map old site to new site templates.

Broadband Video News Powered by RedDot at Summit 2007

Talked to these guys last night. Heavy duty RedDot users. Don’t use the built-in publishing system — wrote an entire export using RQL. Publishes are down to 1 minute, and they’ve got at least 100 times the content (and pages) that we do. Automatic publishes (with cache clearing) to Akamai. Drag-and-drop components in SmartEdit — […]

RedDot CMS and Live Server Upgrade to Streamline Info Architecture at Summit 2007

Mostly regarding the work done for the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Purple Monkey (agency doing presentation) seems to run similar to the way CM works with respect to helping clients figure out what they need. Wanted single authoring environment, multiple authorization levels, pages could belong to multiple groups, and a search engine.

Leveraging RedDot CMS to create UNICEF websites around the world at Summit 2007

A little late in starting. Presenter reminds me of Rosemary, for some reason. Organizational structure (IT team separate from content entry) similar to how we want to work. RedDot responsible for publishing the sites. RedDot chosen to allow for easy internal customization of interfaces. Fits internal plans of decentralization while allowing a centralized technical system.