Air Canada Sucks

Yes, I know I’ve ranted about Air Canada and their lousy service few times before (see [[Christmas in Oakville, New Years Eve in Calgary]], [[Christmas with my Family in Oakville, Cathy Gets Engaged]], [[Canadian airlines need some common sense]], among several), but just when you’d think they’d start to act better, they slap you in the face again.

I’m currently in Huntington Beach, CA (more on that in a following post). To get here, I had to fly from Calgary to Los Angeles. A fairly routine flight in the grand scheme of things, or so one would think.

First off, I had to get my boarding ticket. In the past (assumedly prior to 9/11), it was just a matter of inserting ye olde Aeroplan card, confirm my seat, and ptui!, my boarding pass.

But not anymore. Now you need to insert your passport for verification, provide a street address of where you’re going, along with the city name, state, date of birth, blood type, racial background, all while trying not to squirm from the anal probe that makes sure you’re not lying.

And then you have to talk with the desk clerk to check a bag. Which takes no less time than if I’d just gone to them to get my boarding pass.


The flight was delayed in departure. By 90 minutes. An hour and a half I sat in my chair, unable to do much of anything because we were waiting. For what, I have no idea. Not a clue.

If it were British Airways or Lufthansa, I’m sure we’d get a nice, eloquent story about what is happening and why we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. But not, we’re in Air CRAP that is quite content to just let us sit in silence wondering how much nose-picking is going on in the cockpit.

Yes, they told us that we’d have to be de-iced before we left, but that wasn’t why we waited.

Finally, we hit the air. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to fork out even more money.

Why? Guess what, folks — even the pretzels aren’t free anymore. Just a drink. That’s it. One. For a 3+ hour flight.

I got a sandwich, chocolate bar, a bag of chips, and a drink on my 90 minute flight from Frankfurt to Paris. A can of pop??

They had record sales of their so-called combo meal ($10, US or Canadian), which had the people next to me laughing because they thought the price was a joke.

That’s the rub. Air Canada’s becoming a joke. A national embarassment to inefficiency and absurd practices. You want cost control? RECYCLE THE HEADPHONES, you MORONS! You throw them out after they’re used? Sanitary, possibly. Wasteful, definitely.

So why do I keep flying Air Canada? Because that’s who I get booked on. I’ve got enough miles to fly to Australia and back (one person) or Costa Rica and back for two. That’s the only reason. Points. And even that’s waning.

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  1. I am absolutely disgusted with Air Canada. I recently flew from Alberta to Ontario and had the worst experience of my life. Everything that could have gone wrong did. My second connecting flight was delayed so I missed my third connecting flight by 15mins. They put me up in a sleezy hotel where screams woke me up at all hours of the night. Then I was rebooked in the morning and arrived to my destination to find that they lost my luggage. I spoke with baggage service twice before leaving my third connection and the guy wasn’t even listening to me. He just nodded and said “yeah, uh huh, ok, yeah, sure, ok..” Then he assured me that my bags were on the plane and there was nothing to worry about. I hope he gets cancer.

  2. Yowch. Much worse than my experiences (so far, anyway — knock on wood). I’ve never yet been put up for the night due to a missed/delayed/cancelled flight, but there’s always the first time, right?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … gimme WestJet any day.

  3. Ya i work for this company.
    Thay plan to sell all the departments off to some other company that may not know how to run an airline.

    All thay think about is the money and no one else. Good luck
    flying Air Canada in the future. I need a Job with WestJet.

  4. air canada is the worst. just shut the doors to it and save all the public money. we pay all there wages there. and the people that work there are useless. they aren’t even wort min. wage cause they suck at what they do . pay them 2 dollars an hr. that is all they are worth

  5. So I buy two tickets as gifts for two other people and the site is crashing a lot. I hurry through and apparently hit a “no checked baggage” totally by mistake and now they won’t change it. I’m paying $2500 US($200 more than I would if I used Canadian dollars even though they are virtually equal in value) and they won’t allow baggage. I’ve called and just get the “it is impossible to change”. They charged me $20 x4 flights just to pick seats ahead of time. With the no caring attitude of the people I talked to I wasn’t in a good mood, I finally got upset when the supervisor was just getting ready to hang up on me. Telling me there is no way to change it. I asked for someone who could make changes, she said she is the one but it can’t be done. Of course there is a way, it is only a program, there is just the unwillingness of the people. The flight isn’t even for 4 months so it isn’t like it would affect anything. I hope I can find other ways to visit family in Canada because I never want to use Air Canada again.

  6. Terry, that’s about the worst thing I’ve heard from Air Canada yet. I can only imagine your level of frustration at trying to alter something that actually makes sense and is possible in “the real world”.

  7. I just want eveyone to know what happened to one pregnant Korean lady. She was planning to visit a hospital in Seoul for her condition check.(In ontario, she would have baby before she actually gets some doctor for examination after at least 6 months of waiting time) The plane(yes, Air Canada always gets delayed)was delayed for more than 5 hrs and she started to have blood coming out of her womb. She wanted to get some help from any crews of Air Canada, but they were hard to find. When she finally met some lady from Air Canada, all she could hear from the lady was ‘put your legs up’, knowing what was going on with the pregnant woman. She could not get any medical treatment nor they directed her to hospital. When she finally got to Seoul, it was found out that the baby had died due to the mistreatment she got at the Pearson airport. Her husband(studying MBA in Toronto) sent a letter of complaint with the best manner,but all they received was plain lame duck apology from some manager at Air Canada via e-mail. The manager requested official document translated in English from the hospital. He did just that and wrote confirmation letter, but yet the family has received anything from Air Canada. That was the story I read today in one of the major sites of Korea. This kind of thing would not happen in country like Canada. This is more like story in uncivilized country in Africa or something. Air Canada is shame of this country, and ruins the good image of Canada.

  8. Rich, I have to admit that as much as I hate Air Canada, even this seems a bit off. Particularly since this never seemed to have entered the popular media. Knowing that virtually every media outlet are sharks towards such extremely negative events (namely, a foetus dying in utero due to the abuse and/or neglect of flight attendants), I’m rather surprised there’s nothing out there in English media. Is there a Korean report for this? Air Canada should be hung and dried over this, and not allowed to have it swept under a carpet!

  9. Goeff, yes she is preparing to get this filed.
    As for now, she has not yet attempted to reach for media, and I think that’s why Air Canada is not scared and trying to hide this under a carpet. I will tell her to at least call Korean newspaper about the incident so that people will know eventually what Air Canada has done to her. Thanks for your tip.

  10. Rich — glad to hear it! This sort of thing should NEVER be kept quiet. Negligence to the point of death is inexcusable in every situation, and should be made very public. It’s the only way to effect change. And have her contact the CBC while she’s at it!

  11. Air Canada.. sucks!!!! They lost my husbands luggage that had all our Christmas presents for family and his personal items! On hold for 45min trying to get through the baggage claim line… no answer so hung up. They called from California?! saying sorry we still cant find the luggage!! So nice that they lost personal items.. presents and can’t even find it and just dish out excuses!!! Stupid Air Canada!! West Jet all they way!!

  12. Attention, GA

    Not worth minimum wage, that makes me so proud to earn $80000 a year working for this airline, and when you suckers cry at my desk after losing your bags, well you dont get much more job satisfaction than that…if youre stupid enough to pack valuable, uninsured item in your luggage, then whos the fools???

    Sleep tight.

  13. I go to school in NFLD, but live in NB.
    I flew home for Christmas, and it was a fine flight.
    Then coming back in January I got to the Moncton airport for 8 am, flight to leave a little after 9am. Around boarding time they tell us that the plane we are supossed to be taking is still in Halifax and delay the flight 45mins, then about 30 mims later they delay it again another 30mins.. and finaly at 11am they cancel the flight. Now where does this leave me? Stuck in the Moncton airport, supossed to be boarding my flight in Halifax in 45 mins. We go to pick up our luggage, now get this. The luggage haddn’t gone anywhere, yet for some reason AirCanada still mannaged to loose some of it. GO FIGURE. Anyways, After retrieveing what was left of our luggage, they tell us they are going to be sending us in TAXI’S! Thats right a TAXI, from Moncton to Halifax. 3 FREAKING HOURS. Now I called my mom to let her know and all she wanted was to make sure that I could get a flight from Halifax to St John’s, cause if not then I’d be stuck there. So I go and ask the man who is working, and he says he can’t do anything but send us to Halifax. Seriously I said. So there is no way you can call AIRCANADA Halifax and make sure there are seats on other flights today, he says no and the important thing is just getting us on our way. Well I pissed, cause everyone who has flown AirCanada knows that if there where no open seats untill Monday (this was a Friday) Then AirCanada wouldn’t do shit all about it. So I went to Halifax in a TAXI, not knowing if I would be stranded in Halifax for days on days or get to St John’s that night.

  14. St Anthony is the patron St. of Italy, and Air Canada customers. He helps find lost things!! Like…. luggage missing on a flight to Cuba over Christmas,and found 21 days later. It has to be angels and saints because Air Canada has no idea how to get it right

    I hope WestJet continues to grow it’s business, shouldn’t be too hard to do with these guys as the main competition!

  15. Can you believe that on Saturday, I had to clear Canada Customs to fly from Winnipeg to Toronto. Somehow Scare Canada managed to unload a domestic flight on the US side of Pearson Terminal. 120+ people all had to go through Customs, and many didn’t have passports or birth certificates. No one from Air Canada bothered to explain the screw-up to Customs, who did their usual thorough job – which countries did you visit, any alcohol or tobacco, value of merchandise you are bring back into the country. I think Border Services had difficulty believing we were coming in from Winnipeg. If these jerks can’t get a plane to the right side of the building, I don’t think I want to trust them to navigate across an ocean!

  16. Hmmm. I think I’d blame Pearson for that mess. Yes, AC could have made the process easier, but they were told which gate to go to, and that’s Pearson ground control. What a mess!

  17. I am so tired of dealing with bitchy AC employees who clearly don’t give a shit. I cringe everytime I have to book on their crappy airline due to no other options existing. It seems everytime I fly with these jackasses there is an issue: lost baggage, inflexible rules, shitty ass attitude from staff, mechanical problems, oversold flights, on and on and on.

    I was waiting patiently for a delayed flight this morning to Montreal and after an hour of waiting I finally approached the crusty ball breaker at the desk. She after finally looking up and acknowledging me after what seemed like an hour, informed the flight was delayed 3 hours…fuck me. How about the courtesy of maybe making an announcement. AIR CANADA YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!

  18. i am very disapointed and sicken by air canada services. my bagage was lost with over $300 worth in perishable items. After i reported it the airline had no answer for me. there where over 100 people luggages left behind and they swaer that will never ever again fly with air canada. they will even till there friends not to fly with this air line. I WILL INFORM EVERONE I KNOW NOT TO TRAVELL WITH AIR CANADA !

  19. I just completed a 24-hour Air Canada flight from Boston to Toronto – or should I say “flight from hell.”

    To be fair, there was a big snowstorm in Boston. Snow causes delays – especially for smaller planes on short-haul routes. I get that.

    What rankles, though, is the way this delay was handled by Air Canada and the many system failures, manifest incompetencies, and lack of accountability that I saw at every stage of the journey.

    The flight was scheduled to leave at 1:35 pm. During the afternoon and evening, we received minimal information on flight status. We were boarded and deplaned twice until the flight was finally cancelled nine hours later.

    The second boarding was a joke”¦ it was around 8:30 pm when we were hustled onto the plane. We were told that a short letup in the storm was anticipated in the next 30 minutes and the crew was trying to catch the window. We then sat on the tarmac for an hour and a half because the loading ramp was jammed. The snow never let up.

    As we deplaned, the cabin crew apologized and (love this!) disavowed responsibility for the decision to board us in the first place.

    The lineup to rebook took a ridiculous amount of time. Why can’t this process be simplified? Or, if you know you’re going to have to cancel flights because of very obvious snowstorms – hello! – put extra staff on the job and open a couple of additional ticketing stations so that passenger inconvenience is reduced a little.

    Down in the baggage hall, ten passengers, including me, were hanging in limbo because their baggage had not come off the plane. Two baggage agents were chatting merrily to each other and basically ignoring passengers asking for information. They stated repeatedly that this was not their problem – that they couldn’t understand why the turkeys outside were not bringing the baggage in. Once again, lots of blame-shifting going on here.

    The other passengers’ baggage eventually arrived; mine did not. I had to get forceful with the baggage agents in order to get them to make the appropriate phone call, which produced the information that my bag had been put on the wrong flight. So, I spent a very inconvenient night in an airport hotel with neither a toothbrush nor change of clothes. Nobody apologized to me for this one.

    Next morning the snow has cleared. The plane is at the gate. Should leave on time, right? Nope. We’re 90 minutes late getting on board, and then the plane has to be towed back to the gate because the nosewheel is stuck.

    And then, on landing, the terminal dock is stuck again and we sit for 15 minutes waiting for ground crew to fix it.

    At all these failure points (except for the baggage loss) Air Canada staff apologized to us in cheery voices. On my way out of the plane I looked the pilot and purser in the eye, and told them at, after a certain number of failures, apologies do no good whatsoever. The cabin crew once again told me that it was not their decision to re-board us the previous night.

    Finally, when I took my lost baggage tag to the agent he spent 10 minutes fumbling around trying to locate my bag. Eventually a supervisor had to intervene.

    I believe this airline is broken. The people may be trying hard, but the systems supporting them don’t work. Bad service decisions are being made. The high number of small mechanical failures I saw on this trip makes me wonder about overall safety. And most importantly, people are pointing fingers, blaming others, and generally ducking responsibility when things go wrong.

    I am copying this message to my company’s corporate travel department, with a request that they switch my airline preference to WestJet.

  20. I took a 24 min flight ($574) from Victoria to Vancouver last Saturday to connect with Westjet flight to Los Cabos, Mexico. As I checked my one suitcase, I explained that it was essential that my bag be on the plane, (manual baggage transfers)I then prefaced my concern with the fact the Dash-8/300 is a well know problem aircraft in regards to weight imbalance issues. The clerk assured me there would be no problem. FUCKING LIAR!
    I dealt with having none of stuff for a week in Cabos San Lucas. A quick trip to Wal-mart and $300 later I was acceptable for my cousins’ wedding and a week at an all-inclusive. I’ve been home in Victoria for 4 days now and I still don’t have my suitcase.
    Not one employee has taken a gram of responsibility for this mess. In my trade you get fired or go bankrupt for being unaccountable.
    I also had a broker sell my shares of A.C.E. Aviation Co., at a small loss too.
    I must go now as I have 8+ pages of Air Canada claim forms to fill out. Donkey Fuckers!

  21. Oh dear, what a bunch of cry babies, get a grip, perishables in your luggage, erm, customs are informed, and invariably confiscate that crap, try flying other airlines, and see where your bag ends up?!!

    Basically it boils down to if youre gonna buy a cheap ass ticket, with many connections in between, and you dont allow for weather delays, lost bags etc, then whos the `Donkey Fucker` as was so elloquently put??
    And as for putting Christmas presents in your check in luggage, thats just stoopid, its the old `itll never happen to me` syndrome, and when it does, half you morons dont even know the make of your own bag.
    Check the dictionary for the definition of Luggage ” a device for carry CLOTHES from one destination to another, thats right, clothes, not dvds/money jewellery, laptops/cameras, if you read the terms and conditions of any airline, as you click the `i agree to the terms and conditions` part of buying the ticket, youll understand why airline staff despair when we get bleeding hearts at the counters, creating like someone just broke their favourite toy.
    Invariably, when you get that rejection letter from customer relations, pointing out the terms and conditions, you cant accept it, and sit around all day writing blogs against the airline.

    If you dont want to fly Air Canada, DONT!, take a bus, get flying lessons, get a train??!! itll leave more seats open for staff to take their families away at a fraction of the cost you suckers are paying.

    And stop describing your bags a `LOST` they are `DELAYED` until Air Canada say they are lost, cappiche????

    Again, sleep tight.

  22. Steve — You are as stupid as the airline you support. “many connections” indeed. My bag was never loaded on the same plane as me. And at almost $574, a Jazz roundtrip YYJ-YVR is hardly “a cheap ass ticket.” How AC shipped my bag (a Valoroso 28″ pullman, [much nicer than your bags, I assure you]) to SDJ without me, is a huge international security risk. Two weeks have passed since I checked my bag… Donkey fuckers, indeed.

  23. Unfortunately i have to agree with the frustrated passengers of the place i work at. But do not blame the workers, lots of us care and try really hard, because we care for the passengers, but the desicion makers are a joke all our managers are just a bunch of incompetent sons of nepotistic corruption…. the good guys go nowhere at air canada, and the fuckups get promotions in fact being a manager at air canada is not a honor is a shame in the workers world… under all sorts of weather and under a lot of pressure of this idiots. The boys go the extra mile many times for the customers dont blame the workers its the people calling the shots who has ruined the company.

  24. I finally receiveed my suitcase today… almost 1 month after i 1st boarded a AC- JAZZ flight. Somehow my cheapass ipod speakers and ac adapter with 4 AAA batteries is missing from my bag.
    As for dealing with bad management… As a chef, I simply find another employer. I hear Westjet is always hiring.

  25. hey teddy really feel sorry for your missing stuff, but iam 99% sure would not be anyone at AC, but the people doing the courier, as for another employer once you have a lot of time put into a company its hard to think to another job, but my owm bussines,believe me they all go bad, half the managers of west jet have been fired from AC….
    and i am not defending laziness or misconduct, but is not the worst airline, should try some American airlines…..

  26. well – i can’t justifiably complain to the magnitude that some others on this board can, but as Sowrey well knows I can rant anyone under the table. And while AC’s offence to me is paltry and has been reversed, it rankles nonetheless.
    For you see, I was triple charged a fee my friends. Not once, not twice (which was acutally correct). Nay: thrice. For an unaccompanied Minor fee (We’re flying my fiancee’s daughter out for mothers day).

    Now – while I openly admit (see above) that this is not the end of the world, what it also is not, is HARD MATH. And when I try to get the charge reversed, it’s guilty till you can prove we screwed up (logic came in handy there: there and back, 2 flights, unaccompanied both times ergo, 2 charges. They had no answer to this.)

    Oh well, at least they refunded it and I don’t have a useless 78.75 credit with them.

    Special thanks to Steve “Internet Tough Guy” up there for showing us that all it takes is 2 fingers and an asshole to post idiotic comments. All it takes is one query to Google to discover that lugagge (lug ·gage (lÃ… ­g’Ä ­j) pronunciation n.) is:

    1. Containers for a traveler’s belongings.
    2. The cases and belongings of a traveler.

    aaaaand not just clothes then…So in addition to being wrong, he’s also lazy: 2 conditions personally observed in near superabundance in Air Canada employees.

  27. I should like to remind people that when opting out of the baggage option AC on line it asks you THREE times if you are sure you want to do this. It will cost you 50 to opt back in. Simply because by opting out you are making way for more elite and super elite baggage. If you do not read the instructions when booking please do not come to me at the check in desk crying about it. LEARN TO READ.

    Secondly , weather is NOT our fault. We make every effort in thesr situations to rebook you on the next earliest flight. Pilots cannot fly in snow storms, ..GET IT

    Thirdly , most people who cry there bags have been misplaced are often those who failed to tell the desk agent they are onfact on two tickets. Therefor their luggage is ot taken off and rerouted to the proper place.
    Putting christmas presents in your luggage- well thats just stupid.

    Plane going mechanical. Air Canada makes every effort to keep up with maintenance of all their aircraft. However cars break down, buses break down and whoah trains break down. Sometimes there is something that needs fixing and is sent to Toronto for maintanance thus changing the aircraft and seating capacity. When there is a mechanical we put you up in Hotel and rebook you to the next availible flight- try getting that on some other airlines. This is not a charity folks it is a business.

    West Jet is not as cheery as some would like to believe. They almost sent one of their young UMS into the arms of a pedophile while failing to keep track of the child . I would think twice before allowing your child to fly as a UM aboard West Jet. A safety policy enforced by Air Canada is that Mom or Dad accompany child up to the gate and stay with them until boarding. On the other side the other parent is at the gate also waiting at disembarkment.
    West Jet is also very unprofessional with their sickening jokes and rolling toilet paper down the aisle/ ( Which I might add is a safety risk)
    As an AC employee I hope I have enlightened you a litte bit regarding the rhyme and reason for our policies.
    Ac employee

    Is Air Canada perfect- no but please uneducated flyers do not blame your bull shit on us.

  28. Blondie, thanks for your comment! A few things, however:

    • It’s not the fact that AC gives you the option to opt back in. It’s the fact that it charges this fee at all. It’s seen as nickle-and-diming.
    • We accept that AC does not employ weather gods (they are, admittedly, hard to find). What we dislike is a lack of communication, which many airlines (AC included) are notorious for. When I’ve flown some airlines (British Airways, for example), they let you know the reason for virtually every delay. They’re so communicative, I’m certain that in a disaster you’d know the precise reason why the plane is crashing.
    • Careful about lumping “most people” into those who’ve lost their bags. I’ve had mine lost twice (neither on AC), and not because I was on two tickets.
    • If we can only take on two pieces of minimalist luggage on-board, how would you suggest we transport Christmas presents? Most people cannot afford FedEx on top of airfare.
    • Yep, AC is a business, and it has certainly shown all the signs of being a business. And yes, everything needs maintenance, and crap (sometimes) happens that requires equipment changes. Been there, done that. Admittedly, no-one should mind — heck, I’d far rather be on a plane that works than one that’s broken. Maybe that’s just me. But, admittedly, after having 10 things go wrong with a flight, it’s just adding salt to an open wound. Kind of a dumb thing to whine about, but then, we’re all human.
    • Cheap shot at WestJet, if you ask me. But a valid one, I have to say. WestJet tends to fly more from the hip and behave more casually — one of many reasons why I like them — and yes, this one caught them.
    • As for the “unprofessional” behaviour, have you ever considered why people like flying WestJet? Because they don’t feel like they’re being ignored, or that they’re bothering the flight attendants (I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had that experience on other airlines, AC included), that the flight staff enjoy their jobs, and that it’s less stressful for some people to fly. There’s a reason WestJet does well. There’s also a reason why people are complaining that WestJet is now acting too much like AC…

    For the record, I have had many experiences flying on many different airlines. I have had absolute horrid experiences on some airlines (mostly American ones, which I find no end of interesting), and absolutely stellar experiences (notably British Airways and Lufthansa). I place AC firmly in the middle — neither great nor terrible. But given the near-constant slide of service (which I have experienced over the last two decades), it’s a sad state of affairs.

    All that said, my last AC flight to San Francisco was actually amazing. A complete 180 from my previous experience. I’ve heard a major change was coming, and if this is an example of what we’ll see, then I’ll be the first to say that I can’t wait to see what AC can bring back to the table.

  29. Like the majority of you, I feel that whenever I fly with this crap Airline, I feel like I’m walking on egg shells when it comes to talking to their personnell. They make you feel like you are a huge inconvenience as they chit chat with one another (both flight crew and ground crew). The service I have received from this airline is completely unacceptable to any consumer. Their scheduling too – my last flight from YYZ to LHR, was delayed for hours reason being they didn’t have an aircraft. Then when one did finally arrive (after it had been cleaned re-fuelled etc. I was told they had overbooked for this type of aircraft (smaller). I paid for my own hotel that night rushed to get the first flight out in the morning, but they had so many people waiting, I had to go to Ottawa, spend half a day in that airport for a PM flight that could get me to London. The agents just look at you with a smug grin and we’re sorry, it is all we can do.

  30. Re: Blondie,

    A/C employees think their shit don’t stink and can have their way with their CUSTOMERS!! Blondie, a true testiment to the attitude of A/C employees, and believe me I know a lot of them. Blondie, if you are all so professional, as you claim you are, why is it I see your FA’s sitting in Karaoke bars downtown TO, in uniform, drinking and carrying on. I’ve reported it to in-flight, but don’t make out you are all professionals, human okay, but that is against company policy. As for your Unaccompanied Minors and blaming West Jet? Grow up, likely one mistake, and many more have been seen by Air Canada. Shouldn’t your agents know to ask if there are two tickets. If the damn agents stopped trying to accompany your staff and trying to bump them up to J class when travelling leisure, maybe your agents could get time to know their customer.

    Yep, this is typical Air Canada employee arrogance everyone. Like I say, their shit don’t stink.

    Thanks Blondie!!

  31. Blondie,

    Your arrogance and sneering come through in your writing loud and clear. I am truly enlightened. I AM NEVER GOING TO FLY AIR CANADA. I would rather spend 10 days on the train than have to put up with such a snotty witch.

    Point of fact, the jokes from WestJet employees are not sickening. They are creative and enjoyable repartee compared to your bilious spew.

  32. you know i work for ac, and people let me tell you. if i had a penny for every time someone has told me they’ll fly with westjet, id be rich. READ THE FINE PRINT ON YOUR TICKETS. we are a transportation company. we get people from point a to b, as soon as it is possible, because if you don’t reserve your seat its not our problem if the flight is oversold. when you purchase your ticket, unless you purchase a specific seat, you only purchase a FLIGHT with us. we are not restaurateurs, bartenders, or whatever the hell else you think your cheap tango ticket entitles you to.

    as for lost luggage, the more times you connect, the more your chances of losing your bags increase.

    if you don’t like us, don’t fly with us. that simple. but given the fact that ACE Aviation is still a profitable company, i doubt that is happening.

  33. Actually, no Matt, I didn’t know you worked for Air Canada. But your comment certainly shows your passion for the company. That’s a good thing. If you don’t believe in your company, you shouldn’t work there.

    We certainly appreciate your perspective, and certainly Air Canada is not the first (or last) company to cover their collective rear-ends with legal fine print. And I will wager that reading the fine print never — NEVER — actually gets people to think about the consequences. Fine print is meant for the rare occasions, otherwise it would be in big, bold letters. So saying “read the fine print” really amounts to nothing more than “sorry, too bad, we told you so”.

    But let’s be frank about one thing — no-one likes to be told that they can’t fly because the flight is oversold. Most people don’t work in a world where overselling is common. It’s like going into a grocery store to get a watermelon, only to be told that all the ones in the bin are for other people. You don’t expect it. Travelling is stressful enough with all the planning that goes into it, and having someone else change your plans without warning rarely makes anyone happy.

    And since it was Air Canada that oversold the flight, not the person who bought the ticket, whose fault was it really?

    Funny thing about holding companies — they’re generally designed to shield the mess that happens underneath. So long as the holding company produces a profit, shareholders are generally happy. But yet ACE Aviation’s stock has been dropping for a few months now (lost almost half its value since November), and June is proving to be a nasty month. ACE’s profits have been declining for a long time, too, slipping quarter to quarter.

    Just sayin’…

  34. Matt – You suck almost as much as Air Canada. Your attitude is exactly what I expected. Your coment on “Cheap Tango” ticket is a buy in attitude to the crap your boss tells you. As for ACE being a profitable company, Ha! Ha! Ha!. Air Canada went broke once before under the same leadership and I am sure they will do it again.

    Air Canada Sucks!

  35. Alex, while we appreciate your comment, personal attacks on anyone (regardless of their point of view) is not acceptable. Let’s retain a professional attitude, okay?

  36. Matt, Bravo!!

    Im glad you pretty much concur with my earlier comments, which some seem to have let get under their sensitive skin.

    Well, loads are up, baggage losses are on the down, and everythings rosy at the airline, internal issues still need addressing, but thats not for here, and as for Jaemo, his personal rants are quite amusing, an attribute mostly associated with a spoilt brat.

    Thanks guys, keep flying the maple leaf!!

  37. Steve:

    I’ll start by quoting you
    “Not worth minimum wage, that makes me so proud to earn $80000 a year working for this airline, and when you suckers cry at my desk after losing your bags,”

    and now from Wikipedia:
    Spoiled brat
    A spoiled brat (alternatively spelled spoilt brat) is a child who believes that they are superior to others around them, usually as a result of their parents and/or other educators systematically failing to teach socially acceptable behavior and discipline.

    in short:


    Thanks for the laugh, Too bad you’re the joke.
    Hope your bosses at AC find this blog and read how dismissive they are of their customers and fire your ass.

  38. aww, Jaemo…just when i thought youd put up an intelligent objection you have to go and get all personal.

    Unfortunatley i do not work for the Airline anymore, but have moved on to bigger and better things, but I am very supportive of it and its employees.

    This will be my last blog on here, as youve clearly dragged the subject matter into the realms of personal abuse, to which im not even going to bother to furnish you with a worthy response, so good luck in whatever you do and try not to let too many things get under your skin, its bad for your health.

    Have fun.

  39. Shucks man, sorry you think I am taking this so hard.

    I guess when you call your customers suckers and brag about your salary, some of us might actually want to stand up for ourselves or point out that your attitude is spiteful and arrogant, and really just proof of what we’re saying about this shitty, shitty, shitty airline.

    I don’t think anyone working for an airline deserves minimum wage – i think it’s crap work dealing with grumpy travellers and you need to be paid fairly. But if you are being paid 80K to work in a desk job, you ought to know better than to take this attitude – you’re being well compensated to deal with the torrent of complaints, or really anything that your job throws at you. Just like the people I was dealing with needed to be more professional in dealing with my billing issue.
    Your posturing on this board and evident condescension of the people you served while at AC shows you did not appreciate what you had (ie: you are spolied). Your failure to recognize this is passed through a 100x irony-filter and made into pure 100 karat LOL by your calling out of me by the same label.

    I’m glad for you that you have moved on to better things (more for myself than you, admittedly). Clearly you are a very ambitious. I sincerely hope you learn to recognize that you are no better than the people who you are serving and that everyone’s complaint is valid from their point of view.

  40. “But let’s be frank about one thing – no-one likes to be told that they can’t fly because the flight is oversold. Most people don’t work in a world where overselling is common. It’s like going into a grocery store to get a watermelon, only to be told that all the ones in the bin are for other people.”

    I appreciate your comparison, however, I would say it is more like when someone goes to the grocery store and all the watermelons are gone, but you’ll be notified if some frees up. Canadian law allows us to oversell our flights by 10%. All the other airlines do it. The only way to beat it is to RESERVE NOT REQUEST a specific seat. It’s not going away.

    Alex – I will not take your comments personally. However, Tango fares are meant for transportation that people know they are going to make. Therefore they are very inflexible. It’s as simple as that. You get what you pay for. PS: you don’t know my bosses so…

  41. First of all, let’s get something straight here –

    Air Canada is not so great. May I ask something here? Why the FUCK does it take nearly 7 hours to fly from London, Ontario to Alberta, Calgary on Air Canada? When on West Jet it merely takes about 4 hours?

    One major inadequacy already. As for the next, the service is horrible. I almost punched one of the employees in the face for getting smart with me about my tickets and everything. I’m 16 years old, but nonetheless.

    I expect the respect I give to others. If I don’t receive that respect, we’re going to have a problem. A major one. I hope AC get’s their act together soon.

    Because I’m getting sick of it.

    The drawbacks are so stupid…. taking 7 hours to fly from one part of Canada to another? Absurd. And unacceptable. When in the US it would take 5 hours and 12 minutes to get to Alberta, Calgary from South Philadelphia using West Jet.

    As using West Jet in Canada, from Ontario, London – takes merely 3-4 hours.

    I hope this time problem gets fixed. As well as the attitudes of the employees.

  42. “Why the FUCK does it take nearly 7 hours to fly from London, Ontario to Alberta, Calgary on Air Canada? When on West Jet it merely takes about 4 hours?”

    Very simple. Westjet’s main market is the west of canada. hence their name. I’m sorry if we do not have enough aircraft to serve london ontario, a relatively small city compared to the standards of the other cities in canada that we serve (halifax, montreal, toronto, ottawa, vancouver, edmonton, calgary, winnipeg, regina, saskatoon, just to give you an idea) and in the USA and the world where our major market is.

    “As for the next, the service is horrible. I almost punched one of the employees in the face for getting smart with me about my tickets and everything. I’m 16 years old, but nonetheless.

    I expect the respect I give to others. If I don’t receive that respect, we’re going to have a problem. A major one.”

    I cannot deny that sometimes the service sucks, however punching an employee does not help. A little life lesson for you son: You’re only 16. If you walk around like a pompous ass and get shot down (which reading in between the lines of your rant is what i believe has happened) TAKE IT. its called having humility, and it will happen to you again and again later on in life.

    Also, have you ever wondered if one of the contributing factors to the bad service would be people like you who think that assault will solve your situation?

    Our free market is based on choices. If you make a decision to fly Westjet, that’s your prerogative. And before telling us to improve our attitudes, you should check yours as it seems it could use a bit of help. Punching people may make you look cool in front of your friends, but really, the rest of our society will look down on you in a condescending manner as the results of your potential actions will result in you facing a miasma of court dates and community service.

  43. I just read about the Korean lady, and her unborn fetus dying due to lack of compassion from Air Canada. Most airlines do not permit women to fly during the last trimester of their pregnancy unless they have a letter from their doctor. I can’t believe that this woman was permitted to fly!

  44. There’s a part of me that wonders if this Korean lady is real. As much as I dislike airlines as a whole, something like this generally gets press — the media eat this stuff up — and I’ve never seen/heard anything beyond this blog.

    Anyone have validated sources?

  45. I’ve come to the conclusion that my problems with Air Canda are entirely my fault – you see I keep coming back for more. That is why they think it is okay. I think it is time for me to kick the habit. My New Year’s resolution for 2009 will be not to make their Elite status again. I can afford to buy myself a couple of beer in the airport. I don’t need their freebies anymore.

  46. NEVER accept a deal from Air Canada for a refund. My family and I were flying from London to TO in July. We were asked to take a later flight and offered $4000 as a refund. We were told that were it not a Sunday, they would cut us a cheque right there. Instead, “submit this voucher to our Wpg office”

    So when we send it in – “please allow 5-6 weeks for processing”. It has now been 6 weeks and guess what?

    “We are really busy. Please allow another 5 – 6 weeks for processing”

    With service like this, no wonder they are busy processing refunds!

  47. Just to put things in perspective. It is not just the Tango customers who are abused. Air Canada is an equal opportunity abuser. It appears to be a corporate culture. I am a Super Elite customer who flew 150000 status miles last year and currently have flown over 75000 so far this year. I use upgrade certificates on a regular basis as I fly overseas a great deal.
    On July 26th I qualified for two certificates ( 60000 miles ) which I would have used in Sept. for a flight to London. To date I have received nothing. In August I passed 75000 miles to qualify for two more certificates. To date , Nothing.
    I have made a total of seven calls . Air canada says it’s an Aeroplan issue…Aeroplann says they sub out the certificate issuence so they are at a loss. I have sent three emails in the past week to Air Canada…they promise a max of two business days response. Still nothing but an auto reply andan “incident’ number.
    So to all of you “cheapy” flyers take heart, AC treats even their best customers like crap. It truly is the culture.

  48. michael, let me try and help you. it is an aeroplan issue. they handle everything that has to do with points. EVERYTHING. It is a completely different entity from the airline in question. When I am at work and there is such a problem, we call aeroplan and get put on hold like everyone else.

    your best bet is getting the concierge agents on your case and they will most likely be able to do something for you. the company provides you with resources to use in such situations… use them.

    I honestly am surprised that as a frequent flyer you would not know that already….


    RE:Thirdly , most people who cry there bags have been misplaced are often those who failed to tell the desk agent they are onfact on two tickets. Therefor their luggage is ot taken off and rerouted to the proper place.
    Putting christmas presents in your luggage- well thats just stupid.

    Do you seem to think that you are perfect in some strange way and exempt from problems in life?!

    Get a life..putting xmas presents in luggage is the same as sending them through the mail you moron! AC just happens to have incompetent employees working for them that do not take the time to read tags to put the luggage on the correct flight.

    I am a straight to the point woman who the heck is sure not stupid so don’t tell me that it’s my fault our luggage was sent to CA when we were not even going there in the first place. It’s STUPID that you are judging me! (by the way you may want to use spell check or a dictionary for proper spelling and punctuation)

    Have a wonderful life flying with AC

  50. I believe what Rich wrote about the Korean woman. I’ve also heard of a fellow having a diabetic attack with Air Canada employees actually refusing to do anything when they knew what was going on and the poor guy nearly died as a result. Their service is so shitty it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if somebody eventually died as a result. It’s not like they give a shit. They represent the absolute lowest standard of customer service in any industry, ever, period. These people are openly condescending and mean to customers and blatantly incompetent. Most of them wouldn’t last a day working at a fast-food joint with their attitudes. Obviously a union joint. Does anybody fly AC if they know better and have a choice?

  51. Has anyone ever gotten their baggage back from Air Canada after they lost it? Please reply…or have you ever had luck after filling out the declaration? or whatever info you can share…Thanks!

  52. Hopefully the President of Air Canada reads these posts as I think the attitudes comes from top down. The President of Air Canada has the same attitude and does not care all he cares about is to make Canadians pay for his mess. This shows the management capabilities of him and his entire management team. The Canadian Govt. should have never let Canadian Airlines be bought by AC, at least there was some competition. Air Canada needs to pay penalties to the passengers when they loose a bag, delay flights or miss connections etc.,. How come only the passengers have to pay for missing a flight, changing flights, excess baggage. This shows how im-mature the management team is at Air Canada. Put your money where your mouth is…basically…
    Their customer services sucks, its like speaking to a wall, there are a few good ones who get labeled as bad…so where is the management to take care of these bad apples….fire them…there are plently of good people out there who would do the job…Again, the issue is with the management, so fire the manager, director, vp, or president if things are not fixed. This is not a game, its peoples lives and property we are dealing with….

    GET out of the business if you cannot run it…Let some other more competant person run it…The President of Air Canada is FAILing his customers…

    Anybody reading this please stop flying Air Canada….choose another airline and let them go out of business for their own good….

  53. They’re idiots! I needed a receipt from the flight I took. They sent me a receipt without the price of the flight on it. Idiots! They Suck!

  54. Well,

    I am part of Air Canada SUCKS crowd, just came back from a trip in Cuba, they lost one luggage on a flight where there was no transfer (I even had to tell them the steps they should take when I called to follow up like calling the airport in Cuba), didn’t give me the seat I had PAID to reserve 2 months before take off, ended up in a back row where there was no food THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR BECAUSE THE CHEAP FUCKS DON`T KNOW HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS, had run out so my kid had nothing to eat for 4 hours except a chocolate bar and a digusting sandwich!!!

    I fly a lot on business and let you tell you, AC is up there with American Airlines and that’s not a compliment.

    You people that say you work for AC and are defending it, sound exactly like what`s wrong with this airline!

  55. Air canada is the worst airline in the world. My Girlfreind was going from Toronto to Bogota, a 6 hour flight. After a 2 hour ground delay caused by bad weather the plane finaly took off. After 5 hours of flight the Pilot told the passengers through the intercom that “the plane can not land in Bogota due to a pressure problem, and if it did it would explode” yeah those are the literal words of a pilot who seems to not care about scaring the passengers. The next action of this briliant pilot was to return to Toronto, another 5 hours away, instead of landing in any other of the thousands of posible sea level airports in the caribbean, south america and florida (Bogota is 2600 meters above sea level). Furthermore, upon returning to Toronto, the AC staff where incredibly rude, unhelpfull, and uncooperative. AC is a terrible airline.

  56. You are all wrong because Air Canada was just voted the “number 1 best” airline in ALL of north america. Yes, that means they beat, west jet, american airlines, north american airlines, united airlines, us airline, delta airlines, ALL of them. so all of you are completly wrong… AIRCANADA IS THE BEST!!!!!! and janman my father is a pilot who is on ACPA (air canada’s pilot assiation) and he talks with the president, he is an incredible leader, people said it was IMPOSSIBLE to turn air canada around but he did and it is still going…dont talk inless u know what your talking about…also the Government of Canada was FORCING Air Canada to merge with Canadian airlines becuase they were going bankrupt. the government was actually threating to take away multi-million dollar flying routes…once again dont talk inless you know what your talking about…you just got told by a 14 year old…

  57. I try to fly Air Canada as little as possible. The last four flights with the airline have all had delays of more than 1 hour. Two were international flights and we missed our connections both times and had to overnight both times. Essentially lost two days.

  58. Accountability is not in air canadas vocabulary,put my daughter on a flight to calgary from halifax. Overbooked she was left in montreal until dont know when. Cant go to the lounge and rest because she didnt prebook the lounge if she new that they were going to frige up her flight she wood of.She is going to be all day in montreal,thank god for that 10 dollar voucher to feed her in montreal airport,get real.thanks air canada for making us parents feel safe about sending our kids with you,not.

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