Slowly letting the cat out of the bag

So a few people know now. We’re keeping it light, mostly because there’s a lot of concern that we might not be able to carry this baby to term. It’s Alex’s first pregnancy, and we know a lot of people who’ve had trouble. There’s no reason we should have a cakewalk of this.

So far, the full list of those in the know include:

  • Colette (one of Alex’s coworkers)
    She kind of figured it out on her own after Alex had a total pregnant-brain moment.
  • Cathy and Craig
    We told Cathy because were trying to get Mom and Janice on the phone at the same time (three-way calling) and needed Cathy’s coordinating help.
  • Tamara (and Dan, by association)
    I told Tamara because I need her help making a video to tell everyone else when the time is right. (And frankly, I thought she could use some good news for a change.) I freely admit that I suck at these tools, and she can do them a lot better than I. She just about cried (I told her at the reception yesterday) and squeezed the heck out of me.
  • Allen and Jean
    We had a belated Christmas with them yesterday, and the last present to them was a card with a copy of the ultrasound. Jean was beyond excited. I’ve never heard Allen that animated. I can tell that they’re both eager to be grandparents.
  • Mom and Janice
    They found at the same moment, once we managed to get them both on the phone (through three-way calling) at the same time. Mom’s already a grandmother, so this wasn’t a terrible shock to her; Janice was definitely pleased with the news.

So why haven’t we told anyone else? We’re mostly concerned about the chance of losing the baby. That’ll be hard on Alex when people ask: “So how’s the baby doing?” Once we’re past either the first prenatal exam on the 25th (if Alex is feeling positive enough about it) or the official three-month mark, we’ll tell the world, of course.

And this entry, and those that came before it, will go public. I can’t wait…

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