Bonus from Hell

I’ve put in a lot of work this year. A tonne of it. Among a few things, I’ve been/done:

And I know that’s only a snippet. There’s just so much more that I’ve been up to. And just so you know that the timing requirements are on this list, the first item (the Technology Director) is 75%. The rest still has to be squeezed in.

It’s been a tough year. I’ve put in a lot of time, and Alex has seen less of me than she did last year when I buggered off for a month and a half. But that time does pay off…

My bonus was $25,000.

I’m actually having trouble with that number. I was given the letter congratulating me for a year of hard work, but I could not have actually believed that I would receive that much for my efforts. I was almost aghast. The actual comment I overheard from Di, Dan, and Chris as they watched me was:

Either he’s reading the fine print or he’s trying to take it all in.

I was just stunned. It’s almost 30% of my (current) annual salary.

I haven’t told Alex yet. I think I’m going to have her read the letter to see what my face might have looked like…

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