Gone in a Flash

Yeah, I know — you’ve heard it before, and you’re gonna hear it again.

I hate seeing good people leave.

Can’t say I blame Scott Morgan, though. He did get a sweet deal. Especially for a Flash guy. It’s not every day that Yahoo! calls to say they need you. (Something I’m sure I’ll never hear.) And he would be a fool not to take a chance to try something big.

That’s not to say we didn’t have something big here. But we’re talking orders of magnitude. Critical Mass is at best 500 people. Yahoo!’s a few times larger. Like 10. Ish. Redesigning Rolex.com is one thing. Overhauling Yahoo!’s Flash use, that’s something else.

Scott’s only been here for just over a year, and his impact is pretty big. He took over the Flash group and really ran with it, getting things organized. He’s leaving behind big shoes to fill. I know who’s going to fill them, but that’s not really my place to say right now.

On Friday, a bunch of us drifted down to the Ship and Anchor (“Where Critical Mass sets sail…”) for a last beverage with our now ex-comrade in arms. Scott, despite being officially out of the company at this point (his last day was yesterday) arrived late. There was a certain amount of irony in that.

There were only two ways this would go: long and hard, or fast and easy. It ended up the latter, which I didn’t mind as I wasn’t keen on a hangover. (Though I did threaten to give Scott one.) It ended up just being the two of us, which lasted only until we were out of beer.

Scott says he might be back some day. I’m not so sure. He’s got family to deal with, and moving them around is not always easy. That said, finding Flash people isn’t easy, either. So who knows — maybe if I’m still here two years from now, paths might cross again.

‘Cuz I doubt it’ll ever happen at Yahoo!