Deck Disassembly, Part 3 (ish)

Whoever said it is easier to destroy than create has obviously never tried to disassemble a deck.

This wretched piece of junk in our backyard has been the bane of my existence the last month or so. At first, it was mostly an academic exercise — pop a section out so we can have less deck in the backyard. Then it was another section. Then we realized that it all had to go. It’s all interconnected and interdependent on each other. You can’t pull out one section without affecting the rest. And parts are bolted into the house! It’s a freaking mess, it is.

The final parts are coming down this weekend, if it kills me. And believe me, this bugger could.

One of the major problems we’ve been having is what to do with all the junk left over. There’s a lot of wood in there. Hundreds upon hundreds of boardfeet of lumber. And I’m loathe to throw it out. Fortunately, there are always people looking for freebies. Which is how we’ve so far managed to get rid of a lot of the stuff.

Already, two people (and their associates/families) have come to haul away most of the rocks we’ve collected and the wood. It’s been a particularly hot weekend, so everyone’s been working hard. The backyard looks like a disaster area: cracked earth hard as concrete mixed with nails and screws, various bits of garbage, piles of junk, and pieces of wood still standing around. I can’t wait to get rid of the rest, build some new stairs, and fix the addition so it doesn’t freeze this winter.

I’m beginning to see why people like condos…

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