Back from the dead ... sorta

Wow. Long time no write, eh?

It’s amazing how one’s life can change so dramatically in such a short period of time. Things that had once been hugely important become minor, and things you never imagined having a major sway in life suddenly start dominating every action and thought.

I’m not going to recap the events of 2005 — at least not in detail. Suffice to say, a lot has happened. I went around the world. I got promoted. I got married. I moved into a new house. I travelled. I welcomed a new niece. I worked far harder than I had in a long time, and pretty much shrank off into a little world of my own.

That’s what happens when you don’t try to balance yourself better. The only result of that is suffering. Not just yourself (or myself, as the case ended up being) but also those around you. It’s hard, and some of the decisions you make are not always wise ones.

Because of the last year, I backed off of writing a lot. I tried getting back into it with more ranting (like that ever accomplished anything), and then decided I need to take my site in a different direction and started doing a photo blog. That was not quite a disaster, but I just couldn’t keep up to the schedule I had tried to set myself. The website takes a decided backseat to everything else. It has to.

Ultimately, I became very dissatisfied with the way things were going. I was ruining a lot of things, mostly because I kept stewing over things not going the way I’d like them to. This website, believe it or not, was one of the key things driving me nuts.

Spammers are a problem. I didn’t get into the site a lot, but when I did, I spent way too much time cleaning up the mess. As nice as blogging tools are, some things are just not needed. And apparently, those bonehead script kiddies out there haven’t figured out that comment spam doesn’t do anything other than piss off the administrator. You can only take so much garbage on Texas Hold’em poker sites before you finally go off the deep end.

I decided to go back to my roots. Hand-coded. Hand-administered. Old school. But far less prone to problems, even with the extra work needed to do even a simple post as this one.

So I’m back, and I’m hoping to stay around a little more frequently. Emphasis on the word “hope”.

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