Back to driving … damn

[[All work and no play make Geoff something something|I used to drive.]]

Then I realized that I should switch to something more environmentally friendly, and I could use the exercise to tone my otherwise sedentary ass. So I started biking.

Biking was great. Fifteen minutes to work (mostly downhill), about 25 coming home (mostly uphill and in rush hour). Generally good. Except for the increase in leg mass that is causing issues with wearing pants (legs don’t fit anymore).

It started getting darker (and colder). After a couple of near-misses with cars, I felt it was too dark to ride safely. So I switched to the bus.

Makes sense — the #7 passes about a block from my house. Dumps me off about two blocks from the office. Runs every 15 minutes. You’d think that it would work well.

Except that [[Calgary Transit Sucks]].

And it kept getting worse. To the point where I was spending nearly two hours commuting. Driving takes 30 minutes.

So I’m back to driving. There just seems no alternative.


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