Going uphill to Victoria Peak

After meeting up with Amy, following our mutual attire sizings (and having a snack in a very Irish bar, oddly sitting amidst a lot of very Chinese surroundings), we took a ride up the Victora Peak Tram.

The tram was started in 1888 by the British so they could get to their pricey places of residence without having to slog all the way up the hill. Still in operation (though with quite a few overhauls), the system has run (except during WWII) without a single accident. Impressive, considering some of the climb is quite steep. Buildings look insanely comical out the window. Especially at night.

A round-trip costs about HK$30 (roughly CDN$5), and is worth the trip. Especially for views like this:

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, 11 June 2005

Though do please keep in mind that this was with my dinky little camera, which has to be coaxed to take pictures like this, especially when it really doesn’t want to…

If you’re wondering what Hong Kong looks like at night from the other side, check this out…

Hong Kong from Tsim Sha Tsui, 11 June 2005