In praise of my Critical Mass bag

Some companies, those that want to be “fun” companies, sometimes give their staff things like shirts, bags, water jugs, and various other bits of paraphernalia emblazoned with the company logo.

A couple of years ago, Critical Mass gave us sling bags, in either blue or yellow, with the Critical Mass logo on the back. Some people thought they were kinda dorky. Me? I’m loving this thing!

I don’t know who specifically chose this bag style, but I’ll assume it was someone like Cyndy. This bag has been lugged most of the way around the world now, acting as my day pack. It’s been on the Great Wall. It’s been through the Hermitage. It’s seen the deserts of Mongolia. And it’s been rained on a couple of times (including a nice, semi-tropical downpour) and kept my stuff dry!

So far, the only problem has been the stitching falling apart on the Velcro for the side flap. Nothing 30 minutes with a sewing kit can’t fix.

Did I mention that I love this bag?