Football and music

Turns out that our excursion to Tinkoff to discuss politics turned into a football lesson. (That’s “football” as in how the rest of the world defines “soccer” for us North Americans.) Kat and Nick are huge fans. So large, as a matter of fact, that Kat is delaying her departure to Khazakstan so she can catch the cup game her favourite team will be playing.

I tried to have Kat explain to me the whole cup/league thing for “final” games, and to her credit, she tried. It didn’t sink in.

Tinkoff was also broadcasting games between St. Petersburg and Moscow, and between Russia and Italy. A group of fairly drunk Russians in the back kept trying to sing the “Ole, ole, ole, ole” chant often heard in football games, but were either so drunk they couldn’t sing or were utterly tone deaf.

Then it was on to music. Nick’s a music fiend. He has a lot of exposure to music of many types, which led to a few interesting arguments about who was good and who wasn’t. The different perspectives are definitely interesting to hear.

I was accused of starting some of these conversations because I had something to day. I suppose that’s true, and anyone who knows me knows that I do usually need to open my big yapper. But it was unintentional — I like to see where conversation goes.