Give web developers respect

I cannot praise Jeremy Zawodny enough for having posted a very concise POV on respect for web developers.

It’s not like we’re a collection of haphazard Rodney Dangerfields — we’re just largely ignored. Web development isn’t “cool”. We don’t build business apps (though we could), we don’t deal with databases (though many of us know how), and we don’t build Flash applications (though some of us have the skills to make you think we did).

Yet we’re the ones who make the pages you see. We’re the ones who sit down and figure out how to make the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML work together in a choreographed ballet of client-side code.

You might not think about it, but some of those fancy sites you’ve used (Jeremy mentions a couple of them) are more than meets the eye.

You might not know that we’re here, but so long as you’re having a great web experience, you’re welcome.

Thanks for the notes, Jeremy! I’m sure there are a lot who appreciate it.

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