Weird things about getting older

So I noticed white hairs for the first time. I’m 32 (and a little over a half), and I’m just getting them, it seems. I can live with that. I mean, I’ve been losing it on top for about a decade, so having some go white ain’t that big of a deal.

Except, of course, for where it’s turning white.

If it were my head, I wouldn’t mind. Eyebrows, no big deal. I could hack even the beard (which I don’t see much of, anyway). Body hair would be a little strange, but even then acceptable.

But my NOSE hairs?!

I mean, what’s up with that? Of all the bizarre places…

No, I don’t regularly peer up my schnoz to see what’s going on. It just so happened that I got a cold this week. (A rather light one that did little more than give me the runs upstairs.) That’s when I noticed something odd — something white — and investigated a little further.

What cruel joke on life puts the first hairs to lose their pigmentation up your honker? Whose sick idea what this, anyway? There’s nothing graceful in nose hair! It’s utilitarian purpose is to prevent garbage from getting up there. Everything else is mostly for decoration. Figures.

All part of the fun of getting older, I guess.

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