Registering at The Bay

Today we went down to register at The Bay (“The Hudson’s Bay Company” to non-Canucks) for our wedding.

It’s a part of the law, I’m sure. Written somewhere in Canada’s constitution of 1982 states that all Canadians engaging in any form of matrimonial planning activities must do so at The Bay. Why The Bay hasn’t capitalized on this and also provided the legal services that go along with all that is beyond me — they could make a killing!

In reality, it’s the best place for Canadians to register. Why? Because there’s a Bay almost everywhere. And you can buy something in one store and have the person pick it up at the one closest to them. Handy if they happen to be on the other side of the continent. And you can’t register at IKEA, which would be such a boon to them that it amazes me that they haven’t done it yet.

Trust is that Alex and I don’t need much. But this is a good time to do upgrades and eliminate some of the old garbage that we’ve been hanging onto for years. We had plans to scan clothes, watches, furniture, kitchen items, you name it. The whole store, top to bottom.

We never made it out of the basement. In other words, bed and kitchen.

The major problem is that laser gun they give you. It’s way too much fun. Just point and ZAP, them item you want (with the quantity) is now on the list. It’s so much fun it’s almost creepy.

What’s not fun is all the decision making. It’s enough to make your head hurt. Do you really want it? Are you sure this is of use? Perhaps it’s something we might not want a year from now? How often will we use it? Is the colour right? It does on ad nauseum. It also takes away the surprise aspect. One of the neat things about presents is that you rarely really know what’s inside. Registration takes out all the surprise. But considering that wedding gifts are more about preparing the couple for a new life, it’s more of a minor thing, I think.

Getting back to the house, I had to pack for a business trip to New York. More Mercedes meetings, but this time at their headquarters. Then it was back over to Alex’s for dinner, after I picked up a few things from Safeway.

I botched the raspberry reduction for the chicken breasts (it’s our early Valentine’s, so I’m trying to do something special). It wasn’t bad per se, but it could have been a lot better. The garlic whipped potatoes were okay, but the skins really nixed the texture — must drop them next time! At least the grilled asparagus turned out well.

Next year, we’ll have to do something more special. Once we’re married.

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