The Shrub is back

The Shrub is back for another four years. Oh. Joy.

Did no-one realize what kind of moron is at the head of the US Government? I can only guess not, as the United States again voted in one of the most dangerous men on the planet. The guy freaks me out. Arrogant, ignorant, and brash. A bad combination for a politician.

The problem is the Democrats. They need to find someone with more personality than a telephone pole. Kerry, in case you haven’t noticed, is rather dull. Actually, nix that. Gore was rather dull. Kerry is Xanax incarnate. If you have any hope against charisma (no matter how evil it seems), you need to put in someone who can at least look and sound more than a mere talking head!

Bush had my favourite line-to-hate from politicians: “America has spoken”. Spoken. With 51% of the vote. That’s not really saying much when you consider that every second person voted against you! If that’s what you call speaking up in a crowd, it’s no wonder you’re not listening to your constituents.

Oh, right, you are listening. Corporate America and ill-gotten influence. Silly me…

Let’s recap on Bush’s first term: After 9/11 (and his reputed 40% vacation time), he drums up the support to go after Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Makes a complete mess by forcing out the Taliban and is unable to find the person he’s looking for. Yells at Canada for not helping. (Take a guess who’s going to spend decades keeping the peace after you’re gone, ya yutz?)

Unable to stop Bin Laden, but still needing a victory, goes after Iraq and Saddam Hussein, the “most dangerous man alive”.

Hussein. In the Iraqi economic wasteland. Dangerous to whom? Even Israel says he’s more of a minor irritation externally. He’s more dangerous to himself with his paranoia and germophobia.

Oh, right. Corporate America. Oil. Silly me…

Claims of weapons of mass destruction are realized to be mere words: weapons of mass distraction to give Bush the “right” to wreak havoc and kill a lot of innocent people. And you think Hussein is dangerous? Boy, look in the mirror sometime.

Yet again, the US has to go in en masse to clean up a puppet they set up before and let run amok. (Witness Noriega and Castro.) Some regimes never learn.

Interestingly enough, the world (courtesy of voted for Kerry. We hoped that Kerry would be a tad more honest and wouldn’t be so keen to wage war on another country somewhere. Sadly, given his waffling, the US ended up with a “devil you don’t know” problem. What would Kerry actually do?

So welcome to another four years of hollow rhetoric, shallow lies, and more fodder for late night talk show hosts and documentary filmmakers. Let’s just hope this doesn’t go anymore to his head than it already has.

Oh, and I have to ask, what’s with Americans turning so homophobic — what’s the big deal, eh?

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