New cell phone for Hallowe'en

Another busy weekend at hand. Where oh where to start?

I guess first off, I’ve finally had to give up my old Nokia brick cell phone. My faithful and antique companion has served me well since arriving in Calgary so many years ago. But the battery has a finite lifespan and has finally tanked. I can keep a charge for about a half-day now. Kind of makes it not worth my while.

So while Alex and I were wandering about Market Mall, we stopped into the Telus store to see if I could get a replacement battery. Quelle surprise, none to be had. I had to buck down, pay the $50 and get a new one. But while we were discussing this, Alex started ogling a nice blue LG phone.

Until today, Alex didn’t carry a cell phone. Her only cell phone (a duplicate of mine) ended up with Allen (her father), who still uses it. But with couples always trying to stay in contact, it seemed useful. Alex wasn’t sure, but ultimate caved when we realized the advantages. I think she’ll use it, but only time will tell.

I had to work a bit this weekend — MB is a fun client that never seems to keep me bored. It wasn’t a lot of work, so it still allowed me to do some grocery shopping (including a pumpkin) and make dinner for Alex. Notably because last night was Hallowe’en!

Beef stew is a new “specialty” of mine, I think. Considering it’s my first, I think it’s pretty good. Alex inhaled hers. The fact that it was served in a bread bowl probably has nothing to do with that, though… (inside joke, trust me).

Not many kids disturbed our dinner. We watched TV with the lights out so it was easier to see out the window for incoming rug rats. This continued until I got a phone call from Tamara who apparently had fainted on the C-Train. I raced down to the station at Stampede to pick her up from the ambulance where she was waiting. She looked a little shaken but otherwise fine. Low blood sugar it seemed. A bit of food and all would be well.

I hope the week coming up ain’t this busy!