Shopping in downtown Montreal

I slept nearly 12 hours. I woke up sporadically, hearing the odd noise of running water and cats playing. Simply put, though, I was too damn tired to care. I hadn’t slept that well in ages.

I woke up in time for lunch, which was convenient, since both Therese and Stuart were ready for additional sustinence themselves. It was the first weekend since Thanksgiving that they didn’t have specific plans, since they didn’t have to worry about something having to happen or having to do. No plans, no predefined ideas, no nothing. And it was driving them nuts to not have specific things to do.

Maybe I planned it that way, I don’t know. Certainly, I lucked into arriving into a situation where they had more or less finished everything they had to do. All previous guests had been looped into shopping sprees or painting or something specific. But not me. I was the first. And knowing it or not, I was going to suck them into my vacation world, whether they liked it or not.

We ended up at the malls downtown, the same ones I had been running around the day before. This time, I didn’t have to deal with the 18.5-pound back slung around my shoulder — just two friends I had to tag along with.

Now, there were some things they wanted to do. First, they needed the “take home” outfit for the baby. This is the first outfit the baby wears when it comes home for the first time. For someone not in the position of being a parent, I have to say that the fuss seems a bit much (even Stuart had his … concerns about Therese’s mission), but I will also freely admit that given similar circumstances, I could see myself being as sentimental.

Therese’s still about six weeks away from the Big Day. At this point, she claims she’s well into the “Nesting Stage”, which means she needs a lot of things. Actually, I debated that statement with her. Are they “needs”, or “wants”? Cornered, Therese did what Therese does best. “Wants”, yes … “needs”, all depends on perspective.

I can hardly argue with that.

I did a little shopping of my own, specifically two copies of the special edition of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Why two copies? One for me, and one for them. I used to watch Star Trek and X-Files with them religiously, so this was a partial “thanks” for letting me stay, and also so I could watch it that night.

Fleeing from the mall, we went over to the Atwater Market in search of things that we could potentially have for dinner. Marche Atwater, like most markets of its type, houses many different vendors under its roof. Several butchers, cheese shops, even a seafood seller. But nothing that particularly appealed to us. Wandering through the market, we ended up at the local IGA to stock up on groceries before heading home.

Pizza ended up the meal of choice, though it took nearly an hour to make up our minds. If there’s one thing about Montreal restaurants, it’s that you can get nearly every major kind of fast food from one place. I’ve never seen a menu that offers full choices of Italian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, and sushi before. It’s a little odd, but quite interesting.

Pizza, beer, and Captain Kirk. Can it get any better? Well, of course it can. Only a die-hard Trekkie would say “no”, but then, I’m not a die-hard Trekkie. Stuart and I both fell asleep during the movie, if that gives you any indication.

Pregnant Girl gave us no end of grief for that little transgression.