2003, A Year in Review

First off, Happy New Year everyone!

2003 was quite a year — quite a few good things, and a number of bad ones. In fact, not a lot of good ones, worldly-speaking, that is. Although not all the “Year in Review” lists are out yet, the ones that are on the Internet are (not surprisingly) mostly negative. Lots of death and tragedy, with the odd curling win to make things brighter. Let’s just hope this year comes with a little less strife than the year past.

And on with my little Year in Review…

Whew… I think that’s it. It’s been a busy year, and I’m just starting another one. But I think this one starts with a lot more hope than the last. I think this will be a year of change for me. Last year, I said I wanted to be happier. And I am, very much. This year? Maybe not a resolution, but perhaps a prediction: someone new in my life. (And it is a *prediction*, ‘cuz at the moment, there isn’t anyone yet.)

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