More weekend antics

Yeesh. Antics is putting it lightly. Here’s the short version (‘cuz I really don’t feel like typing it all out):

  1. had to work saturday to finish performance management reviews; god I hate
    writing them
  2. went to jim’s birthday party at mountain view bowlerama; alex couldn’t
    come because of a migraine
  3. went to jim and mia’s place afterwards for chatting
  4. didn’t end up going to milestone’s for kristen’s birthday (turns out she
    wasn’t there, anyway), and went to check on alex
  5. went to the gym
  6. had a severe craving for dim sum, so called everyone around 10:30 and
    woke them up; tamara, dan, jensenne, fritz, and jin; adrian bailed, didn’t
    have doug’s number
  7. bought a scanner — can finally get some more photos in my site!
  8. made chicken stew in breadbowls for dinner for alex and i — couldn’t
    even finish them; totally stuffed

Must. Cut. Down. On. Activity.

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