Another survey about me

About five years ago (see [[Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Geoff Sowrey]]), I sent out a survey that I got from a friend of mine. The results of that survey were not only enlightening, but also quite humourous in many cases.

Inspired by a quiz I got from Alex, I thought I’d do the same thing again, but this time, include a lot of other people that hadn’t been on the list the first time around. The idea, of course, is to see how the responses might change.

The quiz, incidentally, is about me. The idea is to see how much people know about me, and also what they think of me. (The about portion is rather revealing, since all of that information is now on my website.) The rest of it is interesting from a certain perspective. Interviewees include close friends, old friends, new friends, family, and co-workers. The hope is to get a broad spectrum.

Is this egotistical and self-centered? Of course it is — if you think for a second that it’s not, you’ve got a much higher opinion of me! I don’t engage in this sort of thing very often, but I couldn’t resist. That said, though, I think I’m going to leave this as the last survey I do. For now, anyway.

Some of you are a little *too* honest.

So I started off the quiz with the following quote:

I woke up in a soho doorway
A policeman knew my name
He said ‘you can go sleep at home tonight
If you can get up and walk away’

A few people got this. In my last survey (see [[Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Geoff Sowrey]]), I’d quoted Sting’s “Nothing About Me”. This time, I tried to stay in the same vein of questioning someone. I think the quote I chose was a little too vague, though, as I was trying to keep it a little more difficult. It’s “Who Are You?”, by The Who. The song is also the theme for “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”.

And onto the questions! (Anything appearing in [] brackets are my comments.)

  1. My name?
  2. Okay, if you don’t know who the hell I am by now, something’s wrong. The correct answer, of course, is “Geoff Sowrey”. Some of you, for whatever reason, put only “Geoff”. On Jeopardy, Alex Trebek would be giving you trouble for not being specific enough. (Well, that, and not supplying your response in the form of a question.) A few others even put my full name: “Geoffrey Benton Sowrey”, something I only ever heard when I was about to get in a lot of trouble from my parents.

    Some of the other answers included:

    • Son of Worf (it’s true you know) [Not according to my birth certificate]
    • Geoff Sowrey..Esquire [Ain’t got the fancy watch, and I don’t look like Alex Winter]
    • Geoff Sowrey (not Jeff Sowery) [Damn straight!]
  3. Where did we meet?
  4. No correct answer for this, obviously. I met a lot of people in a lot of places. Most of you were in university or Critical Mass.

    • Critical Mass
    • Scott Elliott’s dorm room University of Waterloo
    • South A, University of Waterloo
    • Sometime during Frosh Week
    • At the old Critical Mass office.
    • On a road in the middle of summer before the last year of high school
    • Criticalmass..6th floor
    • Sometime during Frosh Week – can’t remember, I was drunk, everything was a blur for a few years
    • Mr. Getzinger’s math class
    • The dungeon of Critical Mass
    • University of Waterloo
    • 2076 Gatestone [This was the family home I grew up in]
    • U of W, Village 2, Frosh Week, Sept ’91
    • Math class. Grade 10
    • SES San Jose [Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose]
    • Officially? Probably at some CM drinking event [Sad, but likely true]
  5. Take a stab at my middle name…
    • no idea
    • Benton ( I cheated, I’ve been to your website) [A lot of people could have aced this quiz by going to my website.]
    • Not a clue
    • Tiberius or Luc?
    • Bob
    • Clive?
    • Tiberius 🙂 maybe Norman? [I’m sensing a Star Trek theme here…]
    • Oh crap…I know this one I really do…unfortunately my mind fails me at the moment.
    • Robert 😉 (I have no real clue, so that was really just a stab.)
    • Andrew
    • can’t recall if I ever knew it but – Robert
    • Benton (I think…) [This from a guy I’ve known for 17 years…]
  6. How long have you known me?
  7. I threw in a long list of people who know me for various lengths of time. Why? Because people change over time, and it helps to have people who’ve seen me at different periods over that time.

    • few months [about two, actually]
    • A little over three years
    • About 15,329 freezees ago… [I don’t think I’m ever going to live this damn freezee thing down.]
    • about 4 years
    • About 17-18 years
    • 13 years and change (holy crap!)
    • Far far far too long (15 years)
    • I would say a little over 4 years now.
    • Since July of 2000, so that’s makes it 4 glorious years now 🙂
    • Since 1991 – so that would make it 13 years almost exactly.
    • I think it was English 251A. Which was winter semester of my second year. So January 1994. I guess that means a little more than 10 years, but on and off.
    • Well, Sept 91 to Sept 04 –> 13 years?
    • 3+ years
    • Since grade 10. I prefer not to think about the time.
    • about 5 years
    • 2 years, more or less
    • 30+ years
    • Long enough to be around when you didn’t drink. :))
  8. How well do you know me?
  9. How well can you really know anyone? It’s a loaded question. There’s no way to know someone so well that you can predict them 100% of the time. (There are those who claim they can do that of me, but I’ve got more than enough examples to bring that down to, say, 98%…)

    • Probably fairly well I think
    • Well, thirteen years ago I though I knew you pretty well, and I’m betting you haven’t changed that much…
    • well, from your online journal I’ll occasionally peek at.
    • I would say pretty well… but I’m sure there are a lot of things I would be surprised about.
    • Only familiar with about the first 3 layers..
    • Fairly well, however, I’ve wanted to know you way better for a long time now…… but I digress
    • Well, I think.
    • Sorry to say, not very well anymore…
    • Better then most not as well as all…for God’s sake I can’t even remember your middle name at the moment.
    • Honestly, not very well. We see each other once in a blue moon and email infrequently. I like what I know though.
    • Not sure [Yeah, not a good sign, as this is my sister…]
    • So-so… we did room together for about a year though.
    • pretty well considering we’ve lived together for over 2 years [my roommate]
    • too well
    • not as well as I used to
    • I’d say pretty damn well.
    • Far far far too well. [I should note that this particular person has a PhD in Psychology…]
    • Man, I don’t know if I ever knew you — hell, I don’t think you know who you are…
  10. Do I smoke?
  11. Not on your freaking life. Those of you who know me well know that I’m violently opposed to it. Thoughts of detonating every cigarette manufacturing plant and burning all the tobacco fields in one fell swoop help me out on those days when I’m feeling really low.

    It seems that in most cases, that view has come across pretty well.

    • HA HA HA…that’s a good one….
    • Hell no
    • Absolutely not
    • No
    • Not when I knew you, and I seriously doubt that you’ve started in the meantime
    • Nope
    • Not a chance
    • I think NOT. But am not 100% certain what bad habbits (sic) you may or may not have picked up.
    • God no.
    • Nope, only when thinking.
    • Only the good stuff I hope, but otherwise no.
    • Only when lit on fire…
  12. Do I believe in God?
  13. Another loaded question, and a touchy one at that. Last time, I was a little hesitant to say whether I did or did not. Perhaps it is time for the official word.

    There are a lot of religions and faiths in the world, centering on deities and figures of all kinds. With so many different views in the world, and the fact that I’ve been (thankfully) exposed to several of them, it’s awfully hard to point at one specific deity and say: “That one is the right one”. Wars have started over that, as we all know.

    Obviously, the god in question here is the Christian God. There is significant amount of evidence of God’s work, at least as told by the Bible. (Naturally, the same can apply to the work of multiple other gods and omnipotent beings.) Direct proof of God, such as Him appearing on street corner, hasn’t really happened since Moses had a chat with a burning bush (in private, I might add), so some of this might be purely hearsay. So while I might have trouble in the existence of God, I certainly believe in the idea. And aren’t ideas often the most key thing?

    To put it all in perspective, though, I keep an open mind. There’s a lot of belief in the world, and it’s all different for a reason. It’s entirely possible that none of it is right. But if any of it gives people a sense of meaning, then it can’t be all wrong.

    Of course, none of this stopped any of you from trying to guess:

    • Uhhhh, I dunno. I think so, but perhaps not in organized religion.
    • Which one?
    • That depends on whether The Force could be described as God.
    • I *think* you’re a believer..but agnostic..
    • Nope
    • I don’t think so
    • I’d guess that you believe at least in principle, you certainly have an uncanny ability to make yourself look like Jesus Christ, but you’re not a churchgoer or anything.
    • I think so, but not sure…
    • Not so much.
    • Isn’t that between you and God? Or not.
    • Some form of deity I think.
    • I think so, but aren’t a devote follower.
    • dunno
    • not as far as I know
    • I think so.
    • Kahless is a god right? [Kahless was the first Warrior King of the Klingon Empire and legendary mytho-historical Klingon figure. Yeah, it’s a Star Trek thing.]
    • Perhaps the best answer I’ve received, though not this time around, says it best:

    • Someone has to be responsible for creating you.
  14. What was your first impression when you first saw me?
  15. First impressions are everything. Some of them are good, some of them are … different.

    • Geek
    • Hyper, funny and a little bit on the qwerky(sic) side.
    • Cool, at least I’m sharing my room with another computer geek … wait, is that a 386? NOOOOOOOOOOO! He has a better PC than me!
    • I though (sic) you were a little intense…
    • John Ritter-esque
    • you made such an impression i don’t remember haaha [That was at the Kelowna party (see [[Download Overload, the Critical Mass Kelowna Getaway in Westbank]] — just about everyone was drunk]
    • Who is this star trek geek?
    • Um…too long ago to remember
    • He’s cute
    • A little nerdy but really nice.
    • Finally, a cure for Dave…
    • Too long ago to remember.
    • Freak!
    • Don’t remember, before 10 [Uh, minor thought — you were a BABY at the time, sis! Even my memory ain’t *that* good.]
    • complicated individual [This person interviewed me for my job at Critical Mass, so that’s saying something. Not sure what, though.]
    • Oh man, since I was probably drunk, I don’t really remember.
    • “Caffeine..this guy has ingested a lot of caffeine”
  16. My age?
  17. Officially, I’m currently 32 years, two months, and 14 days. If you look at it from my behavioural aspect, I’m 18 years old, with 14 years experience. But for laughs, here are some of the other ages some of you thought I might be:

    • 33 I think
    • 31
    • About 21,654 freezees…[Again with the freezee thing! Let it go, already!]
    • You were born on July 16, 1972, so you are 32, which means next year you will be as they say here “Christ’s age” … the age he was when he died. [Yeah, if this ain’t a foreboding sign, I dunno what is.]
    • 33? Age is just a number, what really matter’s is how old you are at heart.
    • Let’s see…just a wild guess but….32??? [For the record, this guy has the EXACT same birthday as me.]
    • 31 or 32…I know you just had bday in July.
    • I am 30, which probably makes you 31 or 32. My powers of deduction say 32. [Good deduction!]
    • 30’s?
  18. Birthday?
  19. Although I tend to post this on my website every year (or so), I in no way expect *anyone* to remember it. (Heck, I even forgot my birthday one year.) I’m lousy at remembering some birthdays, so don’t worry at all if you can’t remember what it is.

    • July 16 [Obviously, the correct answer.]
    • Some time in the summer. I could look it up, but I’m too lazy right now.
    • I’m sure you have one – most humans do
    • June
    • early fall? is it today?
    • No idea… I don’t think I’ve been invite out for your b-day and now that I think about it, I’m a little hurt.
    • July 16th or 17th.
    • hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeelp! Do you know mine? [Uh… nope.]
    • Late summer, early fall.
    • I don’t know – I am sorry. As soon as Stefan gets me a new palm I will document all these details!
    • omg i always forget july 16th? [“OMG”, in case you’re wondering, means “Oh My God”]
    • February?
    • can’t recall
    • Another stab in the dark…July 16th????? [See note about same birthday above.]
  20. Colour hair?
  21. Just so you know, naturally, it is brown.

    • Dirty Blondish [Haven’t had any blonde on my head since I was a kid.]
    • Brown, but it’s thinning. [Yeah, great, thanks … I appreciate that …]
    • Dull brown [I’ve since changed my conditioner, so hopefully not so dull anymore]
    • Dark blonde
    • Probably at least once a month (Grecian Formula), what’s left of it anyway [Yeah, thanks, great. I don’t dye my hair, as much you want to believe that I do.]
    • Brown. Definitely brown. Ish. [Definitely-ish? Is that like “sort of exactly”?]
    • Brown
    • brown like [As opposed to “exactly brown”?]
    • Light brown
    • chipmunk brown [Is that Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?]
  22. Colour eyes?
  23. A bit of a tougher one. A previous girlfriend once told me that they changed from blue to green to grey on any given day. I suspect that it might be lighting. I think they’re normally blue, though.

    • Blue-ish Grey
    • Bluish I think
    • I certainly hope not.
    • Guessing — green-grey?
    • Fuck. Um. Brown?
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • I think blue or greenish
    • Hazel
    • I want to say brown or hazel, but am not sure.
    • hm good question. brown?
    • blue-ish grey I think
    • Blue/green?
    • umm – Brown
    • muskrat brown [Muskrat?!]
  24. Tall / average / short / fat / average / thin?
  25. Height: 5′ 10.5″. Weight: About 180 lbs (up from about 172 earlier this summer, due to a heavier workout at the gym). Need to lose a little more blubber in a couple places, but I’d say “average” all-round.

    • average. average (was on the verge of more than average there for a while) [Ain’t that the sad truth? Having your metabolism slow down really sucks.]
    • On the shorter side, average build.
    • Thin… But there’s still plenty of time.
    • Average-to-tall. Hell, you’re all short to me 🙂
    • That depends on the decade. Mostly average average
    • Thin
    • Average Height, Average body type.
    • Average
    • Average height, and lookin’ smokin’!
    • Average height…around 6 feetish, come on…you’re all buff now from the gym! YAY!!!
    • I think average height and average weight, maybe a tad on the thin side the last I saw you. But that was about 4 years ago!
    • Shorter than me and thinner that me. But average, I guess.
    • never one to judge
    • you were average build when I last saw you
    • no longer fat..thanks know who. [This is the guy who kicked my arse for over a year in the gym. Thanks, dude!]
  26. Do I have any siblings?
  27. One biological sibling, Cathy (my sister). She’s now married, so I do have a marital sibling, Craig (brother-in-law).

    • Yes
    • One sister and one brother in law
    • Younger sister, Cathy.
    • Yes. Your sister.
    • 1 sister
    • You have a sister, who’s an accountant or something along those lines.
    • Yes, Cathy
    • Uh huh a sister.
    • I believe a sister. ::looks sheepish::
    • Yes. Sister. Cathy
    • sister?
    • Sure do, best sister in the whole wide world [Can’t argue with that … if I do, she’ll kill me]
  28. (If opposite sex) Have you ever had a crush on me?
  29. [I screwed this question up. There was supposed to be a second part that reads: (If same sex) Have you ever been jealous of me? Oh well, such is what happens when you don’t proof-read.]

    • No. [Don’t get much more blunt than that, does it?]
    • No, but I do think you are cute!
    • Definately …. wink wink
    • Sorry, I can’t say I have. [Thankfully … that was a straight guy.]
    • I feel left out. Why Geoffy, why? Do you not care about me anymore???
    • No comment
    • Nope. But I like you anyway. ::smiles winningly::
    • you’re a very fetching man. [Says another happily committed straight guy.]
    • Dear god no.
    • I never crush and tell
    • N/A, but if I did have a crush on a boy… Nah. It’d never happen.
    • If I oppose sex? Oh, Opposite… never mind.
  30. Whats one of my favorite thing to do?
  31. I don’t think I really have a favourite thing. Most of you seem think it’s trains (just because I talk about them a little too much, I guess). A lot of you hit on writing, which ain’t far from accurate, I’d have to say. Surprisingly enough, none of you mentioned Alex…

    • Send really long messages too all the people that have ever lived in your area code — we love you anyway 🙂
    • Go to movies
    • Write
    • Watch Movies, chase trains, eat sushi, hang with friends.
    • Trains, Trains and more Trains oh yeah and you’re male so masterbate (sic)….. [Old university roommate. Suddenly, I’m glad I don’t live with him anymore.]
    • Blog
    • Watch movies, and chase trains
    • Talk incessantly about steam locomotives [Am I really that bad? Wait, don’t answer that.]
    • watch movies [Could have said trains, but he didn’t!]
    • Sit in the dark before bed, and meditate to music. [I used to do this in first year at university.]
    • Watch movies, travel, play with trains. [Hard to play with the life-size versions, and I haven’t had a trainset for years.]
    • I know you love driving your mini. I would bet reading is pretty high on the list. And I know smart-ass comments are up there too. [Insert smart-ass comment here.]
    • Watch movies and listen to music. And blogging.
    • anything with trains
    • Chase trains across the prairies. [Actually, I prefer the mountains.]
    • write in your journal?
    • Follow trains, drink beer, eat sushi, watch movies. [That almost sums it up pretty well, actually.]
  32. Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?
  33. Ask the same question of me, and in many cases, I’ll probably give you a blank stare.

    • No…
    • Nope.
    • Hi! I’m Geoff! [Hey, I never said I was an original thinker.]
    • I am not sure what you said, but you were laughing.
    • a joke about being a selfish american? [Am I really that uncouth?]
    • No, again before 10 [It was probably “Keep outta my stuff!”]
    • I am in the neutral zone!!!! [Also long after I met this person, conveniently also one of the instigators of the penny fight]
    • Prolly “so tell me about dynablow er…. dynamo shit?” [Techie stuff. Don’t ask.]
    • Probably had to do with star trek [Probably not, actually, the whole Trek thing really didn’t kick in until a few years later]
    • Something about a party
    • “Can I grab you some breakfast?” Said to me while I was sitting at my desk with a severly (sic) sprained ankle.
    • ummmm. Uh. Nope. It was all in class in the beginning and I am still trying to block out that particular class!
    • Penny Fight… Or was that Angry Romanian, Angry Romanian… [I was the *victim* of the penny fight, and it was *Mad* Romanian. Both events were well after I met him.]
    • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddeeeee
    • “I LOVE FUCKING CHEESESTICKS!” [See [[Critical Mass Town Hall]] ]
  34. What’s my favorite type of music?
  35. If you’ve seen my CD collection, you know I don’t have one. I go through phases, though. I have no idea what my current phase is, however. I think I’m still in my jazz mode.

    • Rock
    • Rock, I suppose.
    • Sting, Kim Mitchell, Anything Chris likes. [Not entirely true. Kim Mitchell gets lumped in with rock, and Chris likes some stuff that I don’t (and vice versa).]
    • The sound of dropped frozen Kit-Kat bars on our kitchen floor. Or was it Rock? It’s been a while — you might be into Britney Spears nowadays… Oops I did it again…
    • Not sure, your tastes vary as much as mine.
    • hmmmm….. Pink Floyd [I do like them, but Mike was the one who *really* liked them.]
    • You don’t have one favorite type of music. [The correct answer.]
    • Hmm good question..I know nothing about my own musical tastes so attempting to identify yours is virtually impossible for me.
    • …. oh boy. ::starts drowning::
    • Not sure, but you wake up to The Tragically Hip’s “Music at Work” [Got tired of that. Now it’s Jack FM.]
    • Don’t have a *favourite* [Cathy should know … she’s got quite a few of my CDs]
    • Just about anything on CD. [Don’t forget the 8 track!]
    • i think you like everything except country [I used to hate country, but I’m finding the new stuff ain’t so bad … must be from living in Alberta]
    • tough one..very eclectic tastes..i would age jazz..
    • dunno
    • I think you were fairly diverse in this area
    • Hmm. Not sure.
    • whatever genre David Bowie is this week. [Ha ha ha…]
  36. What is my best feature?
    • Eyes… something else, but too embarrassed to say
    • your laugh [Some people might debate this one, calling my most irritating]
    • Smile
    • The Observer’s Log. 🙂 [*Sniff* … thanks, man!]
    • Computer knowledge
    • Loyalty. I guess.
    • Your passion for things.
    • Your ass….. hahahahaha [For the record, this is one of my aforementioned university roommates.]
    • Your sense of humor….or is it your loyalty….pick one.
    • A great heart.
    • Humour. Definitely your humour.
    • Computer smarts.
    • your personality
    • loyalty [No-one’s ever mentioned loyalty before, and it’s shown up three times. Being part dog probably helps.]
    • Your ass….. I have to agree with Brian on this one.
    • loyalty
    • sarcastic humor
    • Odd sense of humor and strangely innappropriate (sic) wisdom. [I asked about this one. Apparently, it’s about having wisdom beyond my years.]
  37. Am I shy or outgoing?
  38. I used to be shy. Painfully so. I used to totally overcompensate and come across as a raging freak of nature. Only though coaching from my friends Chris, Stuart, and Therese did things slowly turn around. That’s not to say that I’m completely outgoing now. Probably more in the middle than anything else.

    Of course, the level of outgoing tends to vary depending on level of alcohol consumed.

    • You pretend to be outgoing. But you’re really shy. [Painfully so…]
    • I would actually say that you are shy but have a strong physical presence, is that contradictory?
    • You work really hard at being outgoing
    • Always seemed outgoing to me. But often that is a cover for shyness. [Isn’t it always that case?]
    • More on the shy side, I think.
    • Both.
    • Outgoing
    • I would say a little more on the outgoing side.
    • I’d say a bit gregarious.
    • An odd combination of both, but it works
    • More outgoing – depends on the situation
    • OUTgoing
    • Pretty outgoing. [Thankfully, not ugly outgoing. That would be awkward.]
  39. Would you say I am funny?
  40. At least I’m not a boring ol’ fuddy-duddy. (Yet. I’m planning on being a curmudgeon when I’m old.)

    • Smelling, yes! At least you were way back when. But then again I think all four of us had bathing issues. Except for Roger… When Sandra would show up. He smelled as fresh as a daisy… [Old university roommate. Perhaps a little overtold.]
    • Absolutely
    • Yes.
    • When you relax and don’t try too hard.
    • Often.
    • very funny..sometimes not on purpose
    • I would say you are loud hahahaha
    • Sometimes
    • Son of Worf. Need I say more? [Apparently. ‘Cuz that ain’t funny “ha ha”, more funny “strange”. ‘Course, that might be what you had in mind…]
    • Yes, very.
    • Definitely!!!
    • Can be
    • sometimes
    • But of course
    • Does funny-looking count? You’re not laugh out-loud, tell a million jokes, but you definitely have a sense of humour. [I only wish I had the story list this guy has, or the ability to tell them as well.]
  41. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?
  42. *Sigh*

    I guess I want to be a rebel, for the romance of the idea alone. But as EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU pointed out, I’m a rule-follower. I guess I like order, I like the way things are supposed to work, and get annoyed when they don’t. So much for allusions…

    • You drive 99 when the limit is 100. Duh– rule follower. [Yeah… you should see me drive out here. I think I only do under 100 on city streets.]
    • I think you are a strong rule follower. You may try to be subversive in small ways.
    • Rules all the way.
    • A little of both. (Safe answer, huh?)
    • Follow the rules
    • rules
    • Mostly follow the rules but sometimes they need to be broken.
    • I think you normally follow the rules. You’re level headed.
    • you’re a rules guy
    • audio: “look Geoff a cop!”; Video: car slows down to 10 below the limit. [*Sigh* Old perceptions that I doubt I will ever out-live…]
    • Both.
    • Mostly a play by the rules, though if we get some drinks in you it’s a whole other story.
    • Okay, this question is NOT fair. I knew you most at university. I would have said rebel then.
    • You follow the rules, but complain about the stupid ones. [And by God, complain I do!]
    • Rules, hall monitor, if you will… [And this is from a person who’s known me for only two months!]
    • you’re a healthy mix
    • You follow your own rules, whether or not they conform to the ‘establishment’. [Oh, this one I like!]
  43. Any special talents?
    • You have a beautiful eye for detail, both in your writing and pictures.
    • You could remove Dave from your room single-handedly. Really appreciated that in you. You could also recite all the Star Trek spaceships in alphabetical order. [Actually, I never could. And I’m very happy to have moved beyond that point of my life.]
    • You can make your eyes quiver (ick).
    • Dickensian style writing.
    • Bet you laugh the ladies into bed? [Uh, no…]
    • An inane memory for movies and music triva. You also like to write, and are a photo dude. [Sadly, my music trivia blows when compared to some of my other friends.]
    • penny throwing…
    • You take some amazing pictures.
    • not unless you do that thing with your elbow – lol – disregard that one
    • you know trains like no other person i’ve met
    • Well… none that I’ve experienced first hand… again, I digress
    • Define “talent” heheheheheh.
    • A talent to pick up conversation with a person and not be awkward even after months or years of not having communications.
    • Blogging
    • you have mad jeopardy skillz (sic), if only you’d use them for good!
    • that weird eye shaking thing
    • You mean apart from the Christ thing? How about the lack of nerve endings on the top of your skull, does that count?
  44. Would you consider me a friend?
  45. I’ll assume that those of you who didn’t reply don’t think of me as a friend. (Just kidding!!)

    • I hope so. I just spent the last 10 minutes of my life coming up with ridiculous answers for you — wouldn’t do that just for any tom, dick or harry (who are those three guys anyway?)…
    • God no. (just kidding)
    • Of course I do
    • I would.
    • Absolutely.
    • A distant one, yes.
    • Yup
    • My Canuck friend
    • always
    • Is that supposed to be a joke? [We’re so close, we’re basically the same person in two different bodies.]
    • Definitely!!!
    • Yes. But because of your spirit, not because we have spent loads of time together or have a great big history together.
    • hell ya!
    • Of course you moron. [*Sniff* Only a true friend would say that to me…]
  46. Would you call me preppy, slutty, a homie, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else?
  47. Now this is a marked change from the last time I ran this survey. Means I must be doing something right! Now I just gotta figure out what the heck that is…

    • Definitely a slut…HAHHAHAHA, I’d say friendly, with a touch of nerdyness thrown in for good measure.
    • Honey, for the right amount of money, I’d call you anything you want 😉
    • You are you. You are unique.
    • Outdoorsy, almost yuppish
    • Yup
    • i don’t believe in labels
    • None of the above. Maybe a hint nerdy/geeky (but then there are not any of my friends who don’t claim that), funny, intelligent, witty. aring. Passionate about what you believe in (I am thinking of the two of us email bombarding Kim with reasons to ditch a guy).
    • I’m all of the above, so I won’t hold it against you.
    • Glam. Totally glam. or maybe you’re getting to be average. We’re all very proud. [Huh? What? Me? Okay, people, you need to tell me these things! Remember, I’m not fashion-savvy.]
    • I would call you Geoff. A little geeky, but then aren’t we all. [Not quite. I’m sure there are a few who’ll see this who’ll disagree.]
    • something else
    • Average to prudish. [Prudish? Never been called that before.]
    • geeky
    • partially reformed computer geek [Well, it’s a start…]
    • you’re a geek like the rest of us poor souls in this industry
    • Pretty normal. [Thankfully, not ugly normal.]
    • Urban geek. [Woo hoo! You heard it here first, folks!]
  48. Have you ever seen me cry?
  49. Some of you have, but most of you haven’t. I don’t cry very often, and when I do (which is rare), it’s usually in private. Or a really touching scene in a Julia Roberts movie.

    • Does laughing till you cry count?
    • I seem to remember that yes, but I can’t remember when. Oh well.
    • I don’t believe I have.
    • Somehow I think I should answer “yes” but I don’t remember when…
    • No. But I have witnessed you upset over email. [Who hasn’t?]
    • Not in person. Have read about it.
    • I’m sure I saw a tear in your eye, when one of us hit you in the family jewels with that stupid foam brick.
  50. If there were one good nickname for me, what would it be?
    • MacGyver [This was a nickname I got from coworkers eons ago that my dad latched onto]
    • Runaway Bride… Sorry mate couldn’t resist. I mean Big Strong Hairy Hulking… No, that won’t work either. You will always be Geoffy to me. G-off does come a close second though.
    • “mr. angry” [Long story.]
    • Dickens. Dick for short. [Uh. Yeah. How should I take that?]
    • Booty-licious ha ha
    • Train boy [Hey, I’ve been called the Train Stalker, so that wouldn’t be much different.]
    • Nothing comes to mind.
    • Cliff Claven. [A reference to my penchant for calling up useless trivia at bizarre moments in conversation.]
    • Energizer bunny.
    • Skippy!
    • Sorry, don’t have one myself, so I am loathe to give one out.
    • Son of Warf [Said with an East Coast accent, so I’m told]
    • the geekinator ?? LOL jk [“Laugh Out Loud”, and “Joke”]
    • Canuck Ritter
    • Railboy
    • Son-Of-Some-Character-From-A-SciFi-TV-Show-(Ok-Believe-It-Was-Real-If-You-Want)-But-The-Point-Is-Most-People-Don’t-Watch-It-Anymore-Because-Its-Not-Cool-But-I-Still-Like-It
  51. If I were an animal, what kind of animal would I be?
  52. This was a question I threw in, because it offered a lot of possibility for good answers. Thankfully, I wasn’t let down. But no-one mentioned “giraffe”…

    • Moose [I’m having visions of the Moose in “Brother Bear”]
    • Good Lord, I have no idea
    • Squirrel [Okay, I know I’m nuts, but…]
    • ummm ok this one is retarted (sic) [this particular person then sent out the same survey, and kept this question]
    • Platypus, definitely. Why not?
    • racoon…
    • That’s a toughie…
    • A bird soaring high around the world, constantly going whereever (sic) the wind took you.
    • A siamese cat that is smart but far far far too mouthy. [Ouch…]
    • Fork. Oh, nope. Sorry, that was the knife, fork, spoon question. What was the question again??? [What??]
    • Hmm… Maybe a… Ummm… Koala?
    • badger [badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom MUSHROOM…]
    • Klingon.
    • A spastic Siamese cat
    • Let me think about this and get back with you on this one.
    • a kangaroo
    • A Baboon: Wild. Unpredictable. And Loud. Really, really loud. Mind you they are pretty fearless and have one of the strongest social (family) bonds in nature, but in the end, it really all comes down to your ass. 🙂 See Question 19 above 🙂
  53. What city (or place) on Earth would be most suitable for me to live in?
  54. Some of you gave me some great ideas, even if I choose to stay in Calgary!

    • After touring most of North America, I actually think that you fit into Calgary beautifully.
    • Inside a steam train
    • Calgary.
    • Somewhere in Japan, lots of Techie gadgets, lots of sushi what more can a guy ask for.
    • Dunno, wherever the biggest train museum is, I guess. [That would be in Scranton, PA. I guess that means I’ll have to open one here in Calgary.]
    • Oakville [Written by a guy who lives there]
    • you’re there
    • Metropolis… Oh, you did say Earth. Probably Moscow.
    • Probably somewhere in Japan.
    • I think you are likely there now. If it wasn’t suitable, you would likely leave.
    • Nowhere but Canuck-land [Never heard of the place — anyone else know where this is?]
    • Nepal
    • Japan!!!! (hint hint) [Three guesses where this guy lives…]
    • Timbuktu. [Some would argue that I’m already there.]
    • If we’re getting along Calgary is good; if I’m mad at you, Pluto [I love my sister, really I do…]
  55. What’s my favourite word or catch-phrase?
  56. Changes all the time, folks. But glad to see you’re paying attention.

    • A nervous giggle. High-pitched.
    • Say cheese?
    • Neutral zone… However there’s a new word that is threatening to beat it: Alex. Alex this, Alex that, Alex here, Alex everywhere. 🙂
    • De nada. [Spanish for “you’re welcome”]
    • Dude.
    • F*ck me gently with a chainsaw. Probably you don’t use it much anymore… [This is from a movie called “Heathers
    • It’s called shrinkage dammit!!! [Yeah, I don’t get this one, either.]
    • I think you might say “brutal” on occasion, but I might be wrong on that one.
    • Not sure.
    • Jesus…I don’t have that sort of time….
    • Again with the difficult questions… 🙁
    • “I LOVE FUCKING CHEESESTICKS!” [Sadly, I never did document this particular evening well enough.]
    • Come on fat boy. I’ll spork your ass.
    • I don’t know this, but I do know you emphasize the last words of a sentence emphatically! 😉
    • Duuuuuuuu[…]uuuuuuuddddddeeee 🙂
    • Just one? I don’t think you have just one.

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