How to throw a surprise party (and not get caught)

Surprise parties are one of those great little joys in life. While I’ve never had one thrown for me, I’ve thrown a couple myself. They’re not the easiest things to do, to be certain, but they are definitely some of the most fun.

What makes a surprise party so good? If you’re the host or planner, it’s from the giddiness that forms from knowing what will happen. If you’re the guest of honour (or the victim, depending on your point of view), you get the joy of knowing that people have planned something just for you. It’s a special feeling … or rather, I would hope that it is (not actually knowing myself).

I’m going to speak to the planners, which I assume is why you’ve come to this page. (If you think someone is planning a surprise party for you and are trying to find out if it’s true, I can offer no hints here. If they’re following these suggestions, you won’t know until it’s too late.) You’ve got a hard task ahead of you, but it is a rewarding one if it’s done right.

At all times, you need to remember who is in control: you. Everything that happens is because of you. If you lose control, don’t expect things to go off without a hitch. You can delegate, but you need to know that those you’ve delegated to are trustworthy and reliable. Otherwise, your intended surprise might end up a dud.

There are some basic rules you should follow to ensure that your party goes well and without hitches. Above all, you don’t want to get caught in making the preparations, and spill the beans to the indenting surprisee.

  1. Secrecy are the first and second words
  2. Separate and isolate communications
  3. Better to over-involve than under-involve
  4. Inform clearly and explicitly
  5. Know what’s going on at all times
  6. Be mindful of what you say
  7. Cover your tracks
  8. Make sure you have a backup plan

Secrecy are the first and second words

The first rule of the Surprise Party is: you do not talk about the Surprise Party. The second rule of the Surprise Party is: you do not talk about the Surprise Party.

You never know who’s around and don’t think for a second that the six degrees of separation is a myth. So idle chatter about a surprise party is not a wise idea. Similarly, you should always make sure that any communications you send are to specific people, be it by phone, email, or IM. Never send things by post (unless you’re certain there is no way information could leak), by fax (it’s out in the open), or leave voicemails on residential lines (especially if the intended victim lives there).

Swear everyone to secrecy. This means they cannot discuss it with anyone else except you. And ideally, unless they’re involved with the planning or execution, they shouldn’t need to. The less anyone talks, the less chance of the wrong people finding out. As the WWII saying goes: Loose lips sink ships.

Separate and isolate communications

As alluded to above, you need to make sure your communications lines are clear and isolated. This cuts down on crosstalk chatter and sidebars, which are guaranteed to cause problems.

When you talk to people, talk to them individually. This is best because you get immediate feedback, and there’s no question about whether or not they understand what is being asked of them. If you have to do discussions with a group, make sure each person acknowledges what you have said and/or asked. The last thing you need is ambiguity.

Make sure your communications are direct — never make public statements. If you have to send out invitations, make sure that they’re received in a private manner (e.g. the office, through email, talking on the phone). Never leave messages where others can see or hear them, especially if it’s the person you’re surprising.

Finally, don’t communicate unless you have to. Updates are fine, but don’t randomly send out information until you’re ready to do so. This lessens the change of leaks.

Better to over-involve than under-involve

On the flip-side of secrecy is an inadvertent foul-up due to conflicting plans. The best laid plans can go to pot in mere seconds by the actions of someone who is not privy to the surprise party. So when you’re planning, make sure that everyone within the sphere of influence knows what is going on. They don’t have to be invited, just need to know that they can’t foul things up.

Naturally, you can’t cover for everything. There are always things that you simply can’t plan for. (For that, see “Make sure you have a backup plan”.) Consider it as an 80/20 rule. You can cover 80% of all possible actions with relative ease. The remaining 20% are a lot riskier and difficult, and might not interfere with your plans, anyway.

You need a list of culprits. Some will be invited, some not. The list of invitees is up to you, but they still need to be informed:

  • friends
  • significant others
  • co-workers
  • teammates
  • housemates
  • roommates
  • spouse
  • parents
  • siblings
  • aunts and uncles
  • cousins
  • nieces and nephews
  • uncle’s cousin’s roommate’s older brother’s girlfriend’s dog

Okay, that last one was a bit much, but you get the point.

Really consider who you’ve got on your list. Each of these people will have contact on a regular basis, and could introduce plans that could thoroughly foul up anything you’ve got going.

Family is particularly important, especially if the party does not directly involve family. Family is the single most powerful thing for some people, and is the reason why your intended guest might decline your casual invitation to spend time with their parents. So if you’re throwing a party, make sure the family knows what’s going on.

Plan big. Get as many people as you can. Sure, you can throw a small surprise party, but why bother when you can have a big one? Besides, you can get a much louder yell out of more people.

Inform clearly and explicitly

Once you’ve got your key list of people, make sure you give details. Tell them everything they need to know: time, place, reason, attire (if any specifics are desired), and who the other people are.

Make sure that you get accurate contact information for each person, and ensure that it’s secure (e.g. that no-one else might inadvertently overhear something they shouldn’t). You might have to employ one or more of your intended invitees to help out if you don’t know enough people up-front.

Don’t be vague at any time. Once you have the details, make sure they’re broadcast to everyone else. Make sure everyone else knows the details, so there’s no question. People need to make sure that they arrive at the surprise location before the unsuspecting target(s) arrive. There’s nothing worse than a surprise with only a few people.

Know what’s going on at all times

Know your details, and know them cold. Make sure you can answer any question about the party or the plans if asked, without having to refer to notes (unless it’s something esoteric). It’s a bit of work, but it’s easier when you’re running around trying to organize things.

Be mindful of what you say

In short, you have to learn to lie.

This is particularly important if you’re the one doing the planning, and the person you’re surprising is close to you (spouse, significant other, friend, family). If you want to conduct a surprise, you need to make sure you don’t tell them anything accidentally.

You also have to make sure they don’t suspect anything. This is the hard part. Humans are inquisitive by nature. If you have a look of “something’s up”, the other party will immediately suspect something. You have to be able to look someone square in the face and say: “No, honey, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Be able to avoid the topic. If they want to plan something for the same time that you’re planning the party, allow them to do so. This will keep them occupied and they will not expect anything than their plans. Defuse the plans as necessary by canceling reservations (while informing of the real plans), or deferring purchases as long as possible. If necessary, go to a backup plan and use some of the invitees to construct a “just in case” scenario to distract.

Cover your tracks

Never leave your plans lying around, even if you live alone. Chances are, someone will see what you’re doing, and if it’s the wrong people, it’s game over. Hide them in drawers (under locks, if needed) or in password-protected files. Delete messages once you see/hear them. Jot down only the most crucial notes.

Create distractions. This is the same technique magicians use to make a ball disappear before your eyes. Make fake plans that will keep someone on their toes. You can even create real plans designed to take the person away from what’s going on, only to bring them back to the surprise to unfold.

Make sure you have a backup plan

No plan is ever perfect. So long as you deal with humanity, you must expect something to go wrong. Be it discovery of the plans, suspicion of a surprise, a sudden illness, disappearance of the subject (hey, it’s been known to happen), or transportation failures, make sure you’ve got something in your back pocket to save the day.

Some things you can plan for. If the gig is up, and you’ve got a few hours before the surprise is planned to go off, admit to a surprise. Just not *the* surprise. Grab a couple of friends and set them up at a different location. Do a small surprise there. Have them all need to leave for different reasons (when in reality, they’re all going the same place you will be going), and then head to the actual surprise.

Some things you can’t. If the gig is up less than an hour away, you might pretty much be screwed. At that point, you might have to resort to the worst thing you can do: ask that they act surprised when they enter the room, if nothing else than for the benefit of everyone else.

A few suggestions

The Home Surprise Party.
This is an easy one, if planned well. Ensure that a trusted person has the keys to the house or apartment. Make sure everyone arrives at least an hour ahead of schedule for decorations, etc. Make sure all cars are parked away from the home. Set a window of 10 minutes before you arrive with the subject so that no-one comes in. If you can, call ahead with a pre-defined ring (twice, and then twice again) to set a “five minute warning). Lights should be off (or in whatever expected state they should be in), and all evidence (especially shoes) should be hidden.

The Office Surprise Party.
A little more difficult, but often the most fun. Call the person away from their desk (get a manager to call them into a closed office or another floor or building) for 30 minutes. Decorate their desk, string lights and streamers, set out snacks and cake (if possible). Get the manager to walk them back to their desks such that it would be difficult for them to see what is about to happen until it’s too late. This works best in environments with actual offices or tall-walled cubicles.

The Central Location Surprise Party.
Sometimes, due to size, you’ll need to hold a surprise party at a restaurant or hotel ballroom. These are harder, since you might draw immediate attention. The trick is then to give the person a reason to have to go there. In the case of a restaurant, you can go under even the most simple reason: lunch or dinner. Make sure you have reservations for all the guests, and make sure the restaurant knows that it’s a surprise party. Ballrooms are much harder, since they have special purposes. You can play it by going to a hotel’s restaurant, and go into a different room. If it’s a community hall, say you were asked to pick something up.

Abort! Abort! Abort!

Okay, let’s face facts. This could go wrong. You might not actually succeed. There are a million things that can go wrong, and you might get to the point where you have to pull the plug and abandon the attempt.

First off, don’t panic. Secondly, don’t feel bad. And thirdly — and most importantly — don’t tell the Surprisee. EVER.

There’s a couple of reasons for this. You (or someone else) might try to surprise them again. There’s no sense in tipping off your potential victim by telling them “oh, well, we tried, but it didn’t work” — they might thing you might try again. And if you do, the surprise might not be as effective.

But most notably — I think, anyway — telling someone runs risk of actually hurting their feelings. Not for the failed effort, but because it might be something they really, really wanted. Finding out that you came close to having a wonderful surprise, but it won’t happen is … well, it’s really hard to learn, and it can be very depressing. This is not something you want your surprisee to go through.

So, yes, you may have to just suck it up. You tried, it didn’t work, and aside from those who you’d already talked to (and you should make sure they know why it’s aborted), no-one else needs Β to know. In the end, it’s better for all.

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  1. do you have to hide your shoes? my friends moms birthday is today and the plan may not work i`m nine and she is eight but we are not stupid we have the plan and we are checking every website we don’t understand lots of stuff the mom is turning 39 its a problem you know what to do sir?


    1. Hi Mayghen,

      Short version: the best thing to do is make your mom think absolutely nothing is different. So if there are a lot of people, there will be a lot of shoes. That’s a tip to your mom that something is going on — that leads to less of a surprise.

      So hide the shoes. πŸ˜‰


  2. Hi, So I’m planning on throwing my boyfriend a surprise party for his birthday. The thing is, its October 26th and today we were talking about costumes- We’re gonna be the John Smith Pocahontas couple! So maybe I could make the party a Halloween party… How do I get him to my house? I’ll talk to his parents so that they could come over- Problem is.. Should I go and pick him up from his house- put a blind fold on him and walk him to my front door? Or should I have him drive to my house for a Halloween party and see all of his friends’ cars? I’m at a loss…


  3. Hi Laura,

    You’ve got it a bit easier than you think. I’m sure you can come up with a hundred reasons for your boyfriend to come your home. The hard part is making sure he doesn’t know something’s up until he’s in the room, being surprised. To that end:

    – park cars away from the house, especially ones that he knows well
    – make sure the entrance looks as normal as possible — hide all the shoes
    – avoid “party” decorations, that’s a dead giveaway (but since it’s Halloween, you can excuse Halloween decorations as preparation)

    If he doesn’t come in on his own, you’ll have the luxury of leading him. Otherwise, make sure you call him from the room you want him to go to.


  4. Hey Geoff,
    But how do I get him there wearing the costume??? Should I keep his costume at my house? or would it be best to blindfold him and drive him there? OH! should I tell him that my little brother is having a Halloween party?? but that wouldnt explain the cars
    ahhck. Thank you so much for your replies and expertise in surprise parties πŸ™‚


    1. Eeek! Sorry, Laura, I forgot that point!

      You could go both ways. The problem with the blindfold is that he’ll know something is up. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea — that might be exactly what you want. If you want total surprise, I’d suggest telling him that you’re both going to a “really great party” (make up some details, or get a mutual friend to provide fake details should your boyfriend ask), and have him come over to pick you up.


  5. Hey Geoff,
    Thankyou this was great help πŸ™‚ soon I’m throwing a party for my best friend and were going to get this dance room that a church hired out but well only have 30 mins to set up and I have to be with her that whole time? Any tips?


  6. This information is very helpful…
    I am planning a surprise party for my boyfriend this year november but i have not organised anything because i have never organised a surprise party before.he is turning 25.So i need your help on how to organise it,the theme,the decos and the food.


  7. Hi, I am throwing my husband a SURPRISE 50th Star Wars themed birthday, in December. He has no idea. I have sworn our whole town to secrecy! I have teed up with a friend that my husband knows loves star wars, so he thinks its her birthday!!! I have made an invitation that is exactly like the ones I sent out that is actually inviting us to her party!!!! I have lied sooooo much but yes giddy from excitement!!!!

    We have friends making props, starships and murals, I am making the Death Star out of a 5foot beach ball which he thinks I am making for our friend,, he comes out and helps us with ideas on what to put on it,,, hahhahah funny. i just hope we can hold the secret for 5 more weeks!!!! πŸ™‚


  8. Geoff,
    I’m planning to throw a surprise birthday for both my parents (each one’s birthday is a day apart) and I have quite a few problems. I have some friends to assist me and am planning to invite no more than 20 people in all and house the party at a restaurant. I think I’ll take the phone numbers for the guests from my mom’s phone and text/call (Which would be better???) since she monitors my email (Don’t worry; I’ll delete ASAP. IKR… 😦 ) and I think I’ll come up with some wacky story as to explain why we need to go in that day and make reservations because it’ll be very busy and COUPONS (Who doesn’t like them) and then cancel it secretly and make a big reservation for everyone. I plan on working out every variable and if all else fails I’ll briefly fill my dad in since he can drive and he would want to know at least because my mom keeps us all running and she’s always complained about how she REALLY REALLY wanted a surprise party growing up and it would be more enjoyable for her than him. Anyways, how can I explain the situation to the adults without getting ratted out (I’m below 16 however they all think I’m really smart and mature for trust and will hopefully get away with it) and keeping it a success. I thrown dozens of parties in the past but never a surprise party. I really want it to run smoothly and just need your overall advice.
    Worried A. Lotte πŸ™‚
    P.S. See what I did there πŸ˜‰


    1. Hi Worried!

      Sorry for the delay, there.

      The restaurant will likely help you. You can work with them directly (if you can go to the restaurant yourself and speak with someone, over the phone is handy for quick stuff, but being devious requires a person!).

      Because these are adults, you need to involve neighbours and friends as much as you possibly can. And, this is really important, make sure you use some of them as your accomplices. Trust me, they’ll want in on the gig. They can help you coordinate people, and they can help maintain the illusion of something else happening, thus keeping your parents in the dark.

      Just remember, a surprise party is really not that much different than a regular party — you’re just extending it a bit by not telling two people what’s going on. πŸ˜‰

      Good luck!


  9. Wow. Awesome that you’re still commenting after so long! πŸ˜€

    I, too, have a slight problem. I’m planning a surprise anniversary party for my parents in December (about 2-3 weeks away). It’ll be their 30th! After everything they’ve done for us (my brothers and I), I wanted to do something nice for them. I enlisted the help of my brother and his girlfriend, who have been very helpful with planning everything.

    We have almost everything figured out. My problem is getting my parents out of the house without them getting suspicious. They’re pretty much homebodies.

    Money is a bit tight, so we have to do it at home. We also live in a very small town, with limited entertainment options for them to do. We can only invite one other family as we live hours away from everyone else. (Now this party sounds kind of lame. lol. But that’s how they would want it, honestly.)

    We were originally going to get my brother to take them out to lunch, while his girlfriend and I set up and get the other guests to the house, but there’s a good chance they’ll say no.

    I’ve also considered enlisting the help of my aunt. Like having her ask my parents to run her to the store or something for some Christmas stuff (since it’ll be close enough). But then we run into the problem of why would they stop at home, instead of just dropping her back off at her own house afterwards. Also… they could say no, not that day, and tell her they’ll take her out the next day or something. lol.

    I’m sure we’ll eventually figure it out, but some advice for stubborn parents would be a great help!


    1. Stubborn Parents. Tale as old as time. πŸ˜‰

      Well. That’s a doozy. How to throw a surprise party when the surprisees won’t go away.

      What time of year are you thinking of having this? Is there any chance for an outdoor party? It sounds like you live on a large plot of land — is there a chance you can set up something away from the house that they won’t necessarily see right away, where you could lead them to later?

      Otherwise, this is definitely a job for an aunt. And trust me, you’ll want to ask her opinion. Kids know their parents pretty well, but siblings know each other even better. If anyone can get your parents out of the house for even 30 minutes, it’s her. Loop her in as soon as possible and see what ideas she can come up with.

      Good luck! And on behalf of stubborn parents, thank you. πŸ™‚


  10. Thanks for the reply!

    Unfortunately, it’ll be in December. The 14th to be exact. So we can’t really do it outside.

    I talked to my aunt and she said we’ll have to figure out an excuse for why she would come to our house.

    I’m really tempted to have one of my brothers talk to them in their room for 15 minutes, and sneakily get everyone into the house and set up as fast as I can before they come out. lol.

    I don’t know how well that would work, though, but the amount my brother talks, it might just be possible! lol.

    Anyway, thank you for the fast reply and suggestions! I’ll have to recomment later and let you know how it goes! πŸ˜€


  11. This is a great website! I’m planning to have my mother a surprise party she will be turning 56! I was thinking about having it at her favorite restaurant; or at a center( which I might have a trouble with getting her to come out) My mother is very laid back and try to act like she don’t like company lol but I know its just a front. I really want to do something for her because she always goes out her way to make sure others are taking care of. My problem would be how to get people to come out/ be On time before she gets there.


  12. Hi
    im throwing a surprise birthday party for my brother who is turning 10.
    me and my family are trying to think of how we can surprise him if the party is in the house.
    the problem is the because my relatives live in different areas, its hard to get them in on time…


  13. Hi again! Sorry it took me a bit to let you know how it went, been sick!

    Anyway, it went without a hitch! We held the party at my aunts house instead. So, we were able to pull everything off easily enough! My parents ran my cousin to the store so they had a reason to go to my aunts house, we set everything up, they came in and were shocked!

    Thanks so much for the reply!


  14. Well hello there Mister Know It All … and frankly, it appears that you are the guru of surprise. Here’s my wish: I’m planning a surprise 60th birthday for my husband and my obstacle is the same as many… how to get ’em out! This won’t be a typical jump out and yell surprise kinda party; simply another guest arriving. There is, however, a little surprise to begin though. I’ve arranged for his daughters (and their husbands) who live intrastate to come for the day. Their plane arrives at 3:30 and with only a ten or so minute drive, they’ll arrive just before four. I’ve rented a van and have asked one of my work colleagues to pretend he is the driver of a ‘special delivery’ and that it needs to be checked… where of course, will be the kids. πŸ™‚ But in the meantime, I need to cook! I’ve rented an enormous gas oven. I’ve asked people to begin arriving at seven (seven thirty for dinner).

    So, to review the times:
    By 12:00 Pick up oven and piggy. Get piggy in oven!
    Kids arrive at 4 – surprise Dad.
    4-7 jukebox arrives, decorations, food, etc., etc., etc…

    Might be easy enough to have Dad drive kids around and show them the sites, without me – but I also need him out of the house before hand so I can get things organised. But maybe I’m not seeing other possibilities?


  15. Geez, Lee, you don’t take things easy, do ya? πŸ˜‰

    Use the kids! Let them squirrel away your husband, for something suitably silly, of course (have them take him out for ice cream, or something he used to take them out for). Let them be your proxy, and they can be suitably obstinate that your husband can’t say “no”. πŸ˜‰


  16. Hello,
    I am throwing my a suprise party for my friend but I can’t figure out an excuse to get her to my house at 21.30. I already thought of that she could maybe go to dinner with her boyfriend and that he will allure her to my house, but with what excuse? She is turning 17, and the boyfriend has never been to my house before.. Any tips are welcome πŸ˜€


  17. Hi there! I LOVE this blog entry and have read through a bunch of the comments, as well. My dad and I are wanting to throw my mom a surprise 60th party, but I’m having a little trouble coming up with how to get her there without her becoming suspicious. We actually did one for her 50th, and I had one of my dad’s co-workers invite them to “another event,” so she was none the wiser. Any other ideas you have would be great!!


  18. Hi Geoff,
    Like many I’d like to get your advice on my party. My brother-in-law and I are planning a surprise 30th for his and my s.o.
    It takes place at the tennisclub, guests, food and drinks are all arranged. Now the tricky part: my sister-in-law actually thinks she’s having people over for birthday drinks at her house that same evening! How do we get her out of the house for an activity with the four of us without them getting suspicious or without her blatantly refusing because she needs to prep for her own party? For my s.o. that won’t be a problem, I can lure him as simple as with a game of tennis.
    In your guide I read that they need a reason to be at the party location, but I can’t think of anything that will get her out of the house and leave her preparations for her own (fake, non existing but what does she know) party. Pretty sure she won’t be in for a game of tennis just hours before her own party πŸ™‚
    I’d love to hear from you since the party is next Thursday!
    Thanks in advance!


  19. I want to throw a surprise party for my husband’s birthday in August. My problem is that he really WANTS to have a party, so I’m having trouble figuring out a suitable decoy. I kind of set the groundwork by telling him I’m done planning parties this year since we had a big bash for our daughter a couple months ago, and I suggested we have a big dinner at a restuarant with a bunch of friends and family for his. He wasn’t terribly thrilled about that plan, and I can’t think of anything besides planning an actual decoy party (maybe “scheduled” for the day after) to make him happy and still be able to surprise him. Do you have any brilliant suggestions? If you are even still around answering questions anymore πŸ™‚


  20. Hi! I’m trying to throw a surprise birthday party for one of my best friends next week. Its not a huge party just about 6 of us. But the problem is the birthday girl doesn’t know if she can come! We want to keep it a surprise but we obviously need her there! Shes only 13 so maybe I could call her parents and let them know so she can be there. But the party is in a week! HELP


  21. Hey. My Boyfriend’s birthday is in a month, and I want to make sure I have everything down before-hand. I want to throw him a nice surprise party but I’m absolutely horrible at being conspicuous when I’m asking him something. For instance: His favorite type of cake. I want this to be special! Another problem I’ve come across is the location. I could have it at his house and tell his parents, but I don’t know about that. I also could have him over at MY house but there’s honestly not enough room for more than 4 guests at a time. We’re not old enough for bars or restaurant reservations.

    I also want his party to be decent sized, but he’s not friends with a lot of people. I could invite MY friends but he doesn’t hang out with them a lot and it would be awkward to be in a party with people you barely talk to.

    I was thinking a surprise party that surprises him, and let’s him have a good time. Maybe after recovering from shock and eating a few snacks, we could all play some videogames. Would that be ideal?

    Thanks. πŸ™‚


  22. Hi! your site is very helpful… Anyway I am planning to visit my closest friends (guys) in my home country this coming December. Can you please help me on how to surprise them? I am currently working abroad and I just arrived here last August. So, my friends, totally don’t have any idea of me coming home this December to think that I just left few months ago. One of my friends owned a bar, I would like all of them to be there when I arrive. What will I do? Can you help me to plan this surprise? I already talked to my sister and wife of one of my friends that I will be visiting them. They will be my accomplice. Thanks much!!


  23. Hey! That’s an amazing post. So very helpful. Meanwhile, I wanted your help and tips regarding planning a surprise 18th birthday party. It is for my guy best friend. We have known each other since we were kids but have grown real close since the past year or so. We mean a lot to each other and I really want to make it special. Our friends have promised to be of help and I have also discussed this with his family. His sister and I are very close so she can be my partner-in-crime. The guest list is going to be big but we will still try to restrict it within 25-30 people. I have no idea how to go about it. He is really into music, and also loves photography. He is an outgoing person who believes in living life king size but also values the small joys of life.

    I hope you are still answering queries πŸ™‚


  24. Hi, I’m throwing a surprise party for my mum at my grandparents retirement village on a Sunday and that’s the only day my dad has off work and we normally spend Sunday together. The only thing is my grandparents retirement village is really far away and I don’t know how to get her there.
    Any ideas?


  25. hi! i want to give a surprise party to my best friend… i m thinking which is the best place for iit my house or my friend’s house?? plz tell i m confused


  26. My friend is having a “surprise” birthday party for me, but another person accidentally blew it by emailing something I should not have received. I was afraid the friend who blew it would say something to the friend who is giving the party, so I told her it was OK, but please not to say anything. I think she will be fine with that. Now, do I just pretend that I don’t know about it and act surprised? That is what I want to do, because I know my friend would be disappointed if I am not.


  27. I’ve planned my husbands 30th surprise party, I planned it the weekend following his bday due to his bday being Memorial Day weekend. I’ve asked him multiple times what he wanted to do for his bday to try and throw him off, he hasn’t been too concerned with giving me any info until now, he’s wanting to get his friends together for dinner and drinks when little does he know, they will be joining the following week for the surprise. How can I throw him off because most of those friends won’t be able to come two weekends in a row. I don’t want this surprise ruined.


  28. im organising a suprise birthday party for my husband and the theme is soccer and dress code is any soccer jersey bt not sure how to make my husband wear his jersey since in the morning he is going to work and knocks off in the afternoon
    Your page has been of great help and everything said i have done hope it will go well.


  29. Hi Geoff
    I’m planning a surprise party for my mom. I just happen to only be in seventh grade and I am scared about making the food I need with the little money I have. Do you have any ideas on what I should do?


  30. I’m planning to surprise my partner. He’s a photographer so I made up a story and told him we’d have a shoot next week. When he gets in the car, I will ask him to check and open the trunk of thr car and then voila! The surprise. I’m doing this alone. Do you think the idea is good?


  31. Hi, your site is very helpful, but I am planning a 40th birthday for my mum and she lives with me, i’m having a surprise birthday at the house but i need an excuse to get her out of the house for the entire day because the party is at 6.30 at night and we need a few hours to plan.


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