A Slight Ray of Sunshine on a Very Cloudy Day

Today we a good day. Despite the slew of visitors, we finally saw some major improvement in Dad.

For starters, he had a shave — almost all by himself. And not with an electric — he used a safety razor. The shave was hardly perfect, but given his condition, it was certainly something to be impressed about.

Then came a big move — we took Dad for a spin into the living room in a wheelchair. We think Dad’s finally realizing that he’s in his own home, and not in a hospital. It’s definitely a good thing that Mom and Cathy decided to keep him at home.

Last, but certainly not least, Dad stayed up most of the day. This probably will let him return to a more normal sleep pattern. Don’t know if that’ll do anything, but it couldn’t hurt.

The doctor didn’t come today as expected, so we’re still in the dark as to what will happen. Unfortunately, this means I’m still unsure if I should stay, or go back to Calgary. I’ll hopefully figure that out tomorrow. I do need to go back soon though — the cigarette smoke is killing me.