My Housewarming Party

96 hamburgers 48 hotdogs 4 jumbo-size bags of chips 104 cans of pop 240 bottles of beer 13 bottles of wine 14 hours of music 1 house equals A good time All new homeowners have one responsibility to fulfill. It’s not taxes. It’s not a mortgage. It’s not even making sure the garbage goes out […]

White Water Rafting on the Kicking Horse River, Upper and Lower Legs

One of these days, I’m gonna learn to stop cheating death (or at least severe injury) and cease doing really foolish things. Like whitewater rafting. As you no doubt have already guessed, we were downriver again this year, third in a row for me (see [[Janine and Dory’s Wedding, White Water Rafting on the Kicking […]

Critical Mass 5th Anniversary Surprise Party

There are parties. Then there’s a Critical Mass party. Five years ago yesterday (4 July 1997), Critical Mass launched its first ever website, That first launch wasn’t perfect, but it started a business relationship that has lasted ever since. MB is still our largest client, and the project I’ve been on for most of […]