Stress and Blepharospasms

Blepharospasm (n.):
The repetitive contraction of eyelid muscles in a rhythmic fashion. In some instances, the eyelid may repeatedly close or attempt to close. The most common causes of muscle twitching in the eyelid are fatigue or stress.

This is how I managed to notice that I’ve been at Critical Mass for a year and a day. Well, not so much the blepharospasm as it was the stress that keeping bringing it back.

Yeah, I’ve been here a year. I’ll forego with torturing you with the recap (you can stop cheering now), but suffice to say it’s been quite the year. Made a lot of new friends, and missed a lot of old ones. I’ve seen a lot of the rise of Critical Mass … and I’m really hoping that I never need to experience the fall. With luck, our management will keep us in check and we’ll just keep on sailing.

Hmm. I guess “surfing” would be a more appropriate word.

So back that that stress and fatigue thing… This was something I really hoped to avoid this year, but that was one New Year’s resolution that got shot down in short order. Too much dedication to my job, I guess. Either that or obsession. Not sure which. (Some argue one way, some the other.)

Been working like a dog again (woof, woof). (Has anyone actually seen a dog work? All the ones I ever saw just laid around all day. What I wouldn’t give to be a dog for a couple days right now.) I keep forgetting that the more senior you get, the more work seems to migrate in your direction. And while I try to pawn as much of it off to others as I can, there are a handful of projects that (for now) only I can do. Blech.

I just hope this doesn’t get any worse. People get insomnia from this kind of thing. I don’t get enough sleep as it is without being able to catch a few Zs. Next thing you know, I’ll be fighting myself in parking lots, being two people, and planning to blow up credit card companies.

But I’m not my freaking khakis just yet…

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